Wednesday, October 8, 2014


THE MISTLETOE EFFECT by Melissa Cutler is one  exciting ride from the get-go,  until the end. 

The Briscoe Family are the elite in the event planning business, with The Texas Hill Country Resort as THE place to be. It's Christmastime and the wedding business booms in December due to the famous "Mistletoe Effect". Not one marriage in the last 50 years performed at the resort has ever ended in divorce. Things are about to get shaken up real good when to kick off the latest Christmas season, Haley Briscoe jilts her groom at the alter, leaving the Briscoe family in the lurch. A wedding MUST happen or that booming business will go right down the drain and the family's reputation as well. Above all things, tradition must be upheld and Mr. Briscoe and his mother, the quirky, Granny June are going to make sure that happens.

Carina Briscoe, Haley's responsible sister, who manages the events, is stunned but sort of relieved her sister cold cold feet. She doesn't particularly like her would-be brother-in-law but she is torn. On one side, she has to keep her father happy and do whatever is necessary to maintain the resort's sterling reputation, but on the other, she dreams of a life outside of the family business. 

Cowboy, James Decker arrived on the back of a motorcycle almost a decade ago, since then he has had his eye on Carina Briscoe, but has never done a thing about it. After all, Carina and her family are way above him, or so he thinks. When Haley runs off leaving an open spot for a wedding, Carina and James take up the mantle and save the day, but under the strangest of circumstances. Carina the workaholic always was attracted to James, but she always thought he would never notice her. Well how wrong she is, when James agrees to play groom for this mock wedding, he insists that Carina ACT a real wife for the month of December, including living under his roof and sharing a bed and before you know it the holiday spirit is in full swing with Carina and and James playing house. 

James has another motive, and it's to open Carina's eyes and show her that the resort is not the only thing that matters, and also to stand up to her overbearing father and live the life she wants to live, not the one her father has planned for her. Of course in this process, emotions get involved and a true relationship emerges and though neither wants to admit, they are actually enjoying being a couple, but what will happen at the end of the month when James gives notice and moves on to another job? Oh boy there is so much to this story that you will just have to grab it and find out for yourself.

THE MISTLETOE EFFECT by Melissa Cutler is a perfect example of this author's amazing writing ability. I went into this story not knowing what to expect and came out with a huge smile.  I love how the strong cowboy takes Carina into hand and he also becomes her champion when it comes to her finding her true happiness. James is one amazing hero. While I so wanted to smack Carina in the head a few times and tell her she needs to start saying the word, NO, I totally empathize with her, because that's so one of my big problems too. This is a fun story with a wonderful outcome, not just a great holiday read, but one that is timeless. 


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