Monday, September 3, 2012

Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

The Armstrong and the Montgomery clans have been in a bloody feud for decades. Hatred is one word that comes through when each thinks of the other. That feud is a very bad thing for King Alexander of Scotland, who needs his two most powerful clans united, not killing each other. In his infinite wisdom, Alexander decrees that Laird Graeme Montgomery marry Laird Armstrong's only daughter, Eveline. Rumor has it Eveline is "touched" or "daft". How is the Montgomery line supposed to continue if the laird marries a woman not fit to bear his heirs? Not only that, but joining two clans that share a deep hatred of each other may not be the best thing to do.

A few years ago, Eveline Armstrong suffered a bad fall from her horse. She fell into a ravine, hitting her head and wasn't found for a few days. Eveline was quite ill and when she awakened, she could no longer hear. Before the accident Eveline was betrothed to the McHugh heir to her dismay. At first she was resigned to the union as it was her duty as the laird's daughter, but when McHugh began to terrorize Eveline with what he planned to do to her when she was his, she tried to get her father to break the engagement, to no avail Once the accident befell her, Eveline ceased to speak and with her hearing loss, which she kept to herself, was construed as having lost her wits, the betrothal was broken. There was always the thought in the back of her mind that if she told her family that she couldn't hear and that was her only impediment, the betrothal to the evil McHugh would be back on.  So she kept her secret to herself and let all think there was something wrong with her.

Once King Alexander decrees the wedding between Graeme Montgomery and Eveline Armstrong nothing can be done. Even the decades of hatred and bloodshed, even the death of Graeme's father by Armstrong hands. So the loyal Laird Montgomery does as his King decrees and he agrees to marry Laird Armstrong's only daughter. When they set their eyes on one another strange things happen. Eveline although terrified by the thought of being the enemy's wife is intrigued by the laird and Graeme in turn thinks Eveline the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, even if she is "daft" as many have said.

The wedding vows and goodbyes said, the new Laird and Lady Montgomery return to Graeme's home and people. Only the new Lady Montgomery receives no warm welcome, in fact, most of the clan is very against her and don't miss a chance to show it when Graeme's back is turned. Privately the Laird warms to his wife even if he keeps her at a distance though Eveline tries with all her might to be the wife she always dreamed of being.

When the Laird discovers his clan's disdain for his new wife, he attempts to order them to treat her with respect. Unfortunately they don't and even with Eveline's attempt to fit in she is cut down bit by bit until her breaking point. How much can this extremely bright woman take until she loses all hope? Can Graeme demand of his people the respect due his wife, their Lady? You will find out all and more when you read Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks.

Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks is brilliant. I haven't read a book that invokes this much emotion in a while. Trying to imagine what Eveline's life must be like having once been able to hear and have that swiftly taken from her is amazing. Graeme's coming to understand his wife's predicament is enlightening to say the least. Reading this book you run the full spectrum of emotions, from extreme sadness and anger to elation. This first book in Maya's new Scottish historical series is wonderful and I look forward to reading the next.
Highly recommended! 


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  1. Loved Maya Banks' short novel "Mistress" and now I can't wait to read this one. Book club is so on!!! See ya there! -Derri (from Target)