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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY!!! Hot Ride by Kelly Jamieson

Courage is feeling the fear... then pouring on the throttle.
Abandoned or betrayed by everyone she ever loved, Sera Manning’s life spiraled out of control until a near death experience left her with a mission. Now a DEA agent, her sole focus -- and her first undercover assignment -- is to take down a drug cartel that’s manufacturing seductive, deadly angel sugar.
To do it, she needs access to Operation Black Abyss to establish a connection between the cartel and the Death Angels outlaw motorcycle gang. Which means she must pose as a couple with another agent who’s already deep undercover.
ATF agent Ryan Thomas desperately needs a female agent to maintain his cover in the gang, but the last thing he wants is a rookie agent jeopardizing his op. Especially one that is a sexy reminder why it’s a bad idea to get involved while on a case.
Living together, surrounded by crime, pretending their sizzling sexual tension is just for show is getting harder by the day. But as the mission comes to a head, the two fiercely independent warriors must decide which fear is worse. Losing their quarry... or losing each other.
Warning: Features a badass biker hero and kickass heroine who go at it undercover -- and under the covers. 


Left alone at the bar, he wandered over to the table where Sera sat.
“Hey,” he said, dropping into a chair next to her. “How’s it going?”
She smiled at him, and the haze of marijuana smoke surrounding the table was almost enough to make him high. Shit. He’d forgotten about that.
He looked for the joint but it was nowhere to be seen. Done. She’d fucking smoked a joint while she was working. She was going to get them both canned.
He scowled at her. “You been smokin’, hon?”
“Um…yeah.” She glanced at Carly.
“You know I hate it when you stink like that shit.”
“I…I forgot.”
“Don’t fucking do it again, okay?” He made his voice low, menacing. She nodded, looking almost afraid.
“Yeah, sure, baby, I won’t.”
Carly looked worried, like she’d gotten Sera into trouble. “It was just one smoke, Tommy. No big?”
He nodded, still scowling, stroked his thumb over Sera’s bare shoulder. She’d taken off her leather jacket and wore a black ribbed tank top with the black jeans she’d changed into. For the first time he noticed the new tat on her upper arm. He stroked over it, examined the image. Jesus Christ. It looked like St. Michael. She was a walking death wish.
He gritted his teeth and said nothing. Later. They had lots to talk about later.
A.J. and Vince returned then, too quickly to have murdered someone, so he took that as a good sign. They said nothing about the former prospect.
“Wet T-shirt contest going on out there,” Vince said with a grin. He looked at Sera, eyes tracing over her tits in the snug tank top. “You should enter.”
She turned to Ryan, and the eagerness in her eyes almost undid him. “Can I?”
He stared at her, speechless. She was truly going to give him a heart attack.
“Oh, Tommy. Come on.”
He almost choked. “No, babe.” He hardened his voice. “No one sees your tits but me. Got it?”
She pouted. “Okay. Fine.” She folded her arms across those contest-worthy tits. And hell yeah―he wanted to see them.
“Come on.” Vince urged them outside where the contest was taking place by the pool. Ryan shot Sera a fulminating glance and led the way outside, beer still grasped tightly in one hand, Sera’s small hand crushed in his other.
By the pool, girls had gathered where an emcee was encouraging votes by applause. Ryan took in the sight and the female attributes on display, glanced down at Sera by his side, who was grinning. “So you wanted to enter?” He slid his arm around her waist.
Her crystal blue eyes looked up at him. He could have drowned in those eyes, just like the sparkling blue pool to their left.
“Yeah,” she said, tossing her hair back. “I could’ve won.”
His breath caught in his throat and he felt like he was choking on a chicken bone. She grinned. Christ. Every time she did something like that it knocked him back on his ass. Amusement tangled with arousal and the urge to drag her up to their room almost overpowered him. He needed to take that mouth, taste it, he had to have her…
His cock hardened and lengthened in his jeans. Jesus, this was so bad. He was working, for Chrissake. He could not afford to be distracted by horny hormones. This had never happened to him.

Kelly Jamieson - Bio
I'm a married mother of two who lives a very ordinary life outside of my imagination. When I'm not writing I'm usually reading. I also like to cook and that means I like to read cookbooks and cooking magazines. In the summer I enjoy spending time gardening and in the winter I like to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues. I love lying on the beach or on my deck with a glass of wine and a good book. I also love to travel. As you can see, pretty much all my activities involve reading somehow! Although I don't have as much time for it any more, I also love to shop, especially for clothes and shoes. Some think I'm obsessed with shoes but that is not true (although my husband would point out that there is no room left in our closet).
I love to hear from readers, so Tweet me on Twitter, leave me a comment on Goodreads or Amazon or my blog , or email me at info (at) kellyjamieson.com.

Release date: September 11, 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel
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