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Spotlight on DELORES FOSSEN & The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch Series

Hello all! Today I would like to all to welcome author, Delores Fossen. As all my followers know, I am a huge fan of cowboy/western romance reads. In  the Spring of 2011, I contacted Delores about the Book Obsessed Chicks Annual BBQ and asked if she could spare some books for the raffle. Delores sent an entire box of signed books and gained a book club full of new readers. I recently sped through her awesome LAWMEN OF SILVER CREEK RANCH series and fell in love with her Ryland men. Here is a bit about Delores Fossen. I hope you enjoy the interview enough to comment and check out Delores' awesome reads.

When Delores Fossen was a child, she used to sneak around and collect fingerprints, hair strands and fibers left by family members and guests. At age eight, she solved a crime. Well, sort of. When someone nibbled off the ear of her chocolate Easter bunny , she searched for clues and soon discovered that her sister had chocolate bunny breath. With that "case closed," Delores believed she’d discovered her calling--she wanted to be a Texas Ranger or FBI agent. But after realizing that she just wouldn't be very good at chasing down bad guys, she opted for a slightly different career path--she creates fictional cowboy cops and other law enforcement officers. Writing romantic suspense is something she enjoys immensely, and it has earned her the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and Booksellers Best Awards, and she was a finalist for the prestigious Rita.
Married to an Air Force colonel and the mother of four children, Delores has lived in England and all over the U.S. She’s had a variety of careers and jobs: an Air Force captain, a special ed teacher and a rehab counselor. None was as fun or challenging as the time she’s spent as a stay-at-home mom. She still collects fingerprints, hair strands and fibers every time she dusts or vacuums, which isn’t very often.

1. What inspired you to write ?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had stories in my head. My grandfather was a wonderful story teller so maybe that’s what started things for me. Sometimes, the story will stay with me for a long time before I write it, and other times I have to write it immediately. It all just depends on how “loud” the story is.

2. Did you have problems with finding a publisher?

The first time I read a Harlequin Intrigue, I knew that’s what I wanted to write so I made it my targeted publisher. I read every Intrigue I could get my hands to learn what types of stories they were buying, and then I came up with several ideas. I finally submitted to the senior editor, Denise ZaZa, and she bought my first Intrigue, HIS CHILD. Needless to say, I was THRILLED.

3. Who are your mentors?

Author, Lori Wilde. I have learned so much from her, and she continues to be a source of inspiration for me.

4. What does your family think about you being an author?

They’re very supportive and give me the space and quiet time I need to write. I’m very blessed because they know how much I love what I do.

5. Does your husband read your work?

He doesn’t, and I haven’t pushed. J

7. Dream job?

I’m doing it now--writing for Harlequin Intrigue. For me, it doesn’t get better than that.

8. Who are your favorite authors? Books?

So many! To name a few: JD Robb, Lori Wilde, Julie Miller, BJ Daniels, Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Gillian Flynn. I loved the Hunger Games Trilogy and the Twilight books, too.

9. I haven't watched TV in over 4 years but I am curious to know if you have a favorite show

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I love Justified and Dexter.

10. How do you have time to balance all that is being Delores Fossen?

Sometimes, I don’t balance very well. Lol. I have an intense writing schedule so I’ve had to give up things like most TV shows, but I still spend time with my family. I also love to travel and read. Lately, I’ve combined travel with writing conferences so it gives me the best of both worlds.

11. Who are your favorite characters from your books?

That’s tough, but for now I think it’s Mason from my current Intrigue, MASON. His story is the last of a 6-book miniseries, and I spent a lot of time with Mason and his brothers. They stayed in my head so long that they felt like family.

12. Do you attend author conferences? 

I love conferences! It’s a great chance to see author friends, my editor and to attend workshops. I attend at least two a year.

13. What's the most difficult thing about being an author?

For me, it’s not the writing. I love that part. It’s the other things that go along with getting a story into print—the copy edits and such. My husband says I never smile when I’m doing copy edits. lol

14. Final thoughts, any message to readers? 

I really hope my stories touch you in some way because I truly love writing them. I hope that love shows through in the books. Thanks also to anyone who’s ever read one of my books!


Sheriff Grayson Ryland wasn't easily shocked. But then his old flame, Eve Warren, returns to Silver Creek for the sole purpose of asking him to impregnate her. And although he's never forgiven Eve for walking away and breaking his heart, her anguish is hard to watch. Before he can reject the most hardheaded—yet still impossibly alluring—woman in Texas, he has to protect her. An attempt on her life thrusts the two of them into a dangerous murder investigation—and an even more dangerous liaison. In the heat of the moment, Grayson may be able to forgive Eve…but is he willing to give her what she so desperately wants?

Kayla Brennan doesn't want Texas lawman Dade Ryland's protection. For one thing, his family hates her. For another, the attraction between them is too hot to handle—just like Dade. When the bullets begin to fl y, Dade shields her and her baby boy. But the question is, how long before Dade decides she's in on the crime?
Kayla's testimony is all Dade should want…especially since he suspects Kayla was involved in the death of a Ryland family member. Yet the fact that they're enemies only makes the animal attraction between them stronger. And more dangerous. For the killer is not who he seems, and is far closer than Dade ever imagined.…

On the day Lieutenant Nate Ryland's baby daughter is kidnapped, he finds hope in the most surprising of allies: Darcy Burkhart, a woman he never thought -- never wanted -- to see again. But Darcy's son has also been taken and there's nothing that will keep them from bringing their children home.

Unfortunately, this is no ordinary adversary and even someone like Nate, who's used to dealing with the worst of society, can't predict the enemy's next move. As the search continues, Nate finds himself admiring the woman he once considered his greatest opponent -- and desiring her in a way he never thought possible.

One look at the baby girl, and there was no question Kade Ryland was the father. For three months, Kade had posed as Bree Winston's husband at the Fulbright Fertility Clinic, while the two FBI agents investigated a trail of illegal adoptions and surrogates. Nine months later, a baby was dropped at his feet—and Bree was nowhere to be found. Now Kade had to reopen a case that had gotten way too personal and find Bree—fast. But if the two of them had never been a real couple, were they ready to be parents? Whatever the answer, Kade now had more than one reason to close this case once and for all.

He faked his death for good reason, but CIA operative Gage Ryland has a better reason to come back from the grave. Though they had a bitter breakup years ago, Gage wants to save his ex-wife—his very pregnant ex-wife—Lynette Herrington from a vengeful hit man. Obviously the baby proves she's gotten over Gage. Or has she? While on the run, Gage feels the attraction between them heating up and yet he knows he must undo a decade of hurt and separation before she'll put her trust in them again. But complicating his emotions is Lynette's pregnancy…and how, as she claims, her unborn child could be his.

It wasn't the first time danger had come to his ranch, but for Deputy Mason Ryland it was the final straw. Someone had been targeting his family for too long and the brooding lawman now had a new person to protect: horse trainer Abbie Baker.
His newest employee's arrival suspiciously coincided with the latest attack, and it wasn't long before he uncovered a decades-old secret between Abbie and the Ryland clan. But as much as that connection rankled, Mason couldn't ignore the fact that someone wanted beautiful Abbie dead. As an upholder of the law, he'd keep her safely tucked by his side through the investigation. As a man, he'd offer his personal protection through the endless summer nights.…

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