Friday, March 21, 2014


Zazz is the new front man for the Murder City Ravens. While playing a gig in Manchester he reluctantly agrees to meet with his father’s social worker Laura, who he has been communicating with for the last two years. His father is a drug addict and has been in and out of clinics for much of Zazz’s life. When he was old enough he left home to pursue his music career and hasn’t looked back.  After the concert he meets Laura and convinces her to go back to his room for the night. He soon comes to realize that one night with her might just not be enough. 

Laura has plans on meeting James Asano Junior after the show, who she believes works for the Murder City Ravens. She hopes that talking to him in person will help him realize that he his father needs more help and hopefully will agree to visit with him. As Laura makes her way backstage she ends up at the after show press conference and blurts out a question to Zazz. A little bit embarrassed she is completely surprised when he approaches her after the media event. While always cautious, she decides that one time in her life she can be a little adventurous and decides to join him at his hotel. Never finding James, Laura figures she can go back to the arena tomorrow and meet him. What happens when Laura finds out that Zazz and James are the same person….fireworks!

Laura and Zazz were quite perfect together in my opinion. She is normally reserved and cautious, while he is outgoing and quite comfortable in a crowd. Together they share a love for music that I think helps bring them together. Zazz and Laura have great chemistry and the scenes together are quite hot! The story was faced paced and moved along quite nicely. Through a case of mistaken identity, or really Zazz not telling Laura who he really is creates the drama the story needs to keep the reader engaged. Zazz has always run from his past and has a lot of trouble confronting his father. With the help of Laura he is able to meet with his father and begin working on their issues. The story is well written and provides an intimate look into the rock start lifestyle. Fans of the previous books will be glad to see characters from previous stories back in this book.