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Meet Patience Sinclair, Boston born and bred almost Professor with a PhD, eager to leave her hometown after a bad breakup with a boyfriend has him stalking her. Patience heads out to the mid-West, where she plans on writing her dissertation on cowgirls through history. So she has set up spending her summer with a rodeo but keeps her true purpose on the down low as not to put off anyone. While on her way to her first rodeo, she has a little disagreement with a very handsome cowboy over her reckless driving. Big deal though right? She'll never see him again, or so she thinks. WRONG.When she meets up with the Triple C Rodeo, she finds, to her dismay, that said cowboy is no other than champion rider, Dallas Kingman and part of that rodeo she will be traveling around with. Oh boy. 

From minute one, Dallas Kingman thinks the seemingly haughty  Patience Sinclair is way out of place even if she is a beautiful distraction. Dallas can't have any distractions. He needs to put away all those winnings for the ranch of his dreams. In addition to that attractive distraction are the constant mishaps that seem to befall the rodeo on an almost daily basis. These accidents are escalating and Dallas doesn't believe like his Uncle Charlie, the owner of the Triple C Rodeo, that they are accidents, but deliberate sabotage, and Dallas is determined to find out who is the cause.

The budding attraction between the Patience and Dallas is evident but both of them know getting in deep will never work. Patience has big plans teaching back in Boston when her rodeo stint is over and Dallas likes his cowboy life just fine. Who are they kidding? Never have two people from two seemingly different worlds been tossed together and create such a sizzle as Patience and Dallas. Secrets or omissions by both parties prove that there is so much more to be seen than Mr Kingman being a rodeo cowboy and Patience researching rodeo. The escalating danger puts Dallas into super protective mode where Patience is concerned and Patience isn't sure what to make of it. Will these two people from different or not so different walks of life open their hearts to one another enough for their heads to follow along? Can all involved save The Triple C Rodeo from ruin and find who is responsible for such hateful acts? Simply read DESERT HEAT by Kat Martin to find out.

Originally released in 1984 and now in re-release, Desert Heat by Kat Martin is an timeless tale of intrigue, excitement and romance. I love how Patience takes on the "wild west" head on and changes everyone's perception of the little girl from Boston. Kat Martin is brilliant with giving her characters so many layers to be discovered, the more you find out, the more interesting the tale becomes.Dallas Kingman oozes sexuality and talent as well as intelligence. Wow what a combination! I truly love this story. As a Northerner obsessed with all things cowboy, I truly feel for Patience. Just because she is from the Northeast doesn't mean she doesn't understand the mid-West and Western ways and she thrives to prove it. The love can conquer all theme is why we read books like this, even if the journey there is a tough one. Please go read Kat Martin's DESERT HEAT, it's a great story which I highly recommend. Kat Martin is a master storyteller who puts her heart into her books. She has me happily returning time and time again for those tales and Desert Heat is one of those worth re-visiting.


 Does Mr. Martin read all your books? 
Larry doesn’t read many of my books, but he helps me enormously during the plotting phase.  I am constantly going into his office and asking for ideas about how to get the hero and heroine out of their current situation.  I don’t read many of his books, either!  
Favorite dessert? 
I love boysenberry pie.

 Favorite drink? 
I’m a wine drinker, both flavors, but I love a frosty margarita.

What kind of car do you drive and why?  
Mercedes Benz 350 E.  Nuff said?

Guilty pleasure?  
A nice glass of wine after work. 

 A number of those over the years.  I learned to write reading a how to book by Dean Koonz.  It was fabulous.  His advice is at the core of my writing. 

 Do you have a favorite book from your childhood?
 I didn’t read as a kid.  Now I’m a voracious reader.   My favorite book of all time is The Eagle in the Sky by Wilbur Smith

 Favorite place in the world and why?  
 France-- anywhere.  I love Paris, love just about anyplace I can get to in France.  It is just simply the most romantic place on earth.
Book boyfriend… Is there a hero in either your books or someone else’s that you would love to be real and know more. 
If you didn’t tell my husband, my book boyfriend would probably be Chance McLain from The Secret.  A cowboy rancher hunk.  I’m loving the Brodie brothers of Alaska, the guys in my new Against books.

Do you have a pet peeve?  
  Bad drivers, specifically high speed tail-gators.  Death on wheels.

 Are you superstitious, if so what is that superstition?
  Embarrassed to admit I am.  I don’t like black cats (and I am a cat lover).  I don’t like spilling salt or breaking mirrors.  Stupid, but there it is.  

 What would you like readers to know about you? 
I’m a workaholic.  I love/hate writing.  Love it when it’s working.  Hate it when I can’t get things moving.  I love to travel.  Seeing new places is just the best.

Famous last words?
  Never give up.  Just keep working until you make it happen.







  1. Hi Kat!! I love ,love, love your books!! Great interview. I love learning more about the authors I read!!

  2. Great interview, Kat. I love reading about cowboys so ergo I love reading your books.

  3. Hi, Kat! I also love frosty Margaritas! I hope to read one of your books soon!

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  5. Great interview. Kat is a new author to me.

  6. Enjoyed this interview. I have read Kat's books and enjoyed them too.