Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Jace and Tara have annoyed one another for quite some time. Jace thinks his best friend's little sister is beyond annoying with her foul mouth and flippant attitude and Tara thinks Jace is overbearing and obnoxious and then they end up being traveling companions on the Central States Rodeo Circuit and the gloves are off... or are they on?

When the car that Tara purchases to help her complete her sports medicine internship decides to die, Tara is left at the mercy of Jace Mills who needs to get out of "Dodge" real quick. Even though Jace broke up with his ex, Jacqueline a year ago, they still have a love/hate relationship going on in the form of extreme booty calls and knock down fights that Jace now feels he needs to avoid like the plague. So Jace thinks it a good idea to get back on some bulls, stay far away from his stalker and help Tara with finish her internship. All the while, this high strung female and sexy alpha male agree that their mutual dislike of one another will be the perfect reason to travel in each other's company. In addition to his wanting to run away from his ex, Tara needs to distance herself from the man she has been in love with her former neighbor, Logan Hunt, who up and married Emma, leaving Tara heartbroken. So two broken emotionally impaired people, who say they dislike one another decide to travel around the central states a in truck, stay in the same hotel room and remain  platonic?  Who are they joking? Especially wen author Cat Johnson is involved.

Tara is clearly out of her league with the attention she is garnering from all the rookie bull riders, but once she is determined she wants something, not much can stop this force to be reckoned with from seeking out some of the sexual experience she is over eager to get. When Jace catches her in a broom closet at a bar playing an "adult" version of Seven Minutes in Heaven with a newbie bull rider, his alpha male is in full gear and he decides to show Tara the difference between a boy and a man. From the first kiss the pair's passion sizzles and threatens to ignite. Jace can't get the thought out of his head that this is his best friend's little sister and he would in no way want to betray the trust that Tuck has bestowed on Jace when he placed his baby sister in Jace's hands. Tara has other ideas though and they involve getting as much sexual experience as she can possibly get from Jace and still retain the status quo of indifference... Haha, whatever Tara. 

Jace has no idea the monster he has unleashed by just awakening the passions in Tara with his kisses and the resolve she has to get what she wants makes Jace no match for her feminine wiles. 

The one word that comes to my mind immediately when I think of Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson is HOT, and Cat knows very well how to write HOT along with a fabulous and memorable story. Those readers invested in The Oklahoma Nights series think they know the characters well, until they read this book. Let's face it, Tara is a brat in Two Times As Hot, and even when this story begins, I was a tad in "hate" with her. On the other hand, I always loved Jace. Yes, I like the underdog. Jace's personality was always one that shines through for me. I was so excited to see what Cat Johnson would do with him in this book and I am exceedingly happy with the outcome. The intimate scenes are explosive, but never overboard. Tara's need to explore is enticing and romantic, even if she thinks it isn't. Three Weeks with a Bull Rider is my new favorite, maybe until Tyler's tale, we shall see. Cat Johnson ability to come up with something fresh and evocative makes Three Weeks with a Bull Rider a remarkable read. I highly recommend this exceptional ride, along with every book in the Oklahoma Nights series.



  1. I love Cat Johnson's cowboy stories and this one was no exception. Well to be honest I haven't read a Cat Johnson story that I didn't like. Her Oklahoma Nights series is one of my favorites. I can't pick a favorite of the three books in the series so far. I've loved them all.

    1. Thank you, Margie. And thanks for the wonderful Goodreads review too! And of course, thank you to Kim for this review!! Luv you, guys!

  2. Have to get this on payday. Love Cat John son's books and this one looks like all her others. Fantastic!

  3. This book was great, I loved it. It's like looking in at part of the family. I loved the relationship Jace and Tara started with. As with all Cat Johnson books I am never disappointed, and I have read a lot of them.

  4. I read One Night With a Cowboy & loved it! Looking forward to a reread & to read all 3 in order. Thanks for the great review!

  5. Look forward to reading this book.