Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Honor Cabot is desperately attempting to delay her older step-brother's marriage. His wedding would mean she and her siblings would no longer be welcome in the family home and Honor does not want to be driven away from it by her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Monica. Believing a rake like George Easton can help her, Honor appears on his doorstep and bribes him into doing her bidding. Her plan to have Monica take notice of George Easton  backfires when Honor finds herself falling for the bastard son of a duke. 

The handsome George Easton knows that Honor is going to be trouble. In all honesty the man attracts it, but never before in the form of the conniving beauty with the name Honor. Having had not the stellar upbringing, George is determined to steer clear of any formal involvement of the female sort until he comes face to face with the difficult to ignore Honor Cabot.

The Trouble With Honor by Julia London is an aptly named tale. I simply adored the battles of wills between George and Honor. Two high-strung beings, determined to have their way,who never thought they would attract one another but come together with such a bang. Yes, Honor can be selfish, but she is also ingenious in her plan to thwart her brother's wedding plans, even if her would be sister-in-law is not as dim as Honor thinks she is to realize that something is going on. George comes across the rogue at first but I found myself falling head over heels for him pretty quickly, especially his restraint in setting the selfishness in Honor straight right away. I enjoyed this book and I await to see what Ms. London is going to do with Honor's siblings. 


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