Friday, March 28, 2014

DASH OF PERIL( Love Undercover #4) by LORI FOSTER

What do you get when you put a bad-ass female police lieutenant and a hot owner of a construction company together with  some seriously messed up criminals? You get DASH OF PERIL by Lori Foster, of course. DASH OF PERIL may be the 4th and last book in the Love Undercover series, but you can read this as a stand alone if you haven't read the last three. 

Lieutenant Margaret (Margo) Peterson's doesn't end when her shift is over, this determined and gutsy woman is always business. Determined to bring down the low-lifes who are kidnapping women off the streets and leaving them for dead. Using herself as bait hasn't been getting her anywhere until her car gets t-boned by some of these bad guys who want her eliminated. Lucky for Margo, Dashiel (Dash) Riske, who has a serious case of the hots for the lieutenant and decides to tail her to make sure she gets home safe from her outing, when he sees the frightening accident happen, he springs into action to save her.

Margo comes away with a dislocated elbow among her cuts and bruises, but she also comes away with Dash as her personal chauffeur and bodyguard until things get back to normal. Only this highly strung, take charge woman is not used to taking a back seat and she is extremely uncomfortable with any help from this man, who is the brother of one of her officers.

Dash knows how to play Margo like a fine tuned piano in more ways than one. He gets the always in work mode Margo to slow down and experience a feminine side she never knew she had, while allowing her to be the bad-ass cop on the job. When the heat is turned up and now civilian Dash is thrown into the mix, Margo is more determined than ever to bring down the pornography ring that has a hit out on her now. In addition to that Margo's past is coming back to haunt her from her department cleanup, which included her own cold as ice father.

What a way to end a series. DASH OF PERIL by the indomitable Lori Foster is a gripping and sexy read. I absolutely love Dash's demeanor. This is a man with a plan and once he decides that Margo is going to be his, he is brilliant about making that a reality. He is sexy but not cocky about it, he is all man with the knowledge of just exactly what his woman needs. Margo hasn't had the perfect up-bringing and that has affected her to this day. Always seeking acceptance from her father who has never shown her any outward affection or understanding and has even openly shown his disdain for her. Margo rises above all that in the professional department, but is completely out of sorts when confronted with her attraction to Dash and his willingness to allow her submissive in the bedroom and tough nails lieutenant outside of said bedroom. These two characters play off each other so well and even have all of their surrounding counterparts with eyebrows raised. DASH OF PERIL is a great read that I highly recommend. 


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