Monday, March 24, 2014


All righty then, I usually don't read books that are BDSM, but since I adore Fiona Archer's personality on Facebook and how so many of my BDSM reading friends love her books, I decided to take the proverbial plunge into her world of King's Bluff, Wyoming and I am pleasantly surprised that I did.

Retired Navy SEALS, Quinn and Mike have had their eye on Reagan, the curvaceous librarian for some time, but Reagan runs the other way whenever she sees these two foreboding looking hot men. Not for long though, for when Quinn and Mike realize that Reagan needs to be theirs, she doesn't have a chance outrunning these very competent Doms, and in reality, being caught by these two men is secretly a dream Reagan has been having. Reagan has a lot going on in her little town. When she discovers that her brute of a nemesis, Karl Wagner, is running for the town council and no one is running against the man that wants to close her beloved library, Reagan decides that she needs to put a stop to that by entering the race.

Once the ever-second guessing herself Reagan begins to open up and accept what Quinn and Mike have in store for her, a shocking discovery from her past comes to nip any confidence she was building in the bud, and has her rejecting the two men who more than anything want her to be theirs and to be happy. Mike and Quinn are at a loss at first for Reagan's motivation for summarily dismissing them without so such a quaking in fear of the Master Doms. After some enlightenment however, they set about getting Reagan back in their arms and helping her find the truth from her past that could change what she always felt for her parents. The three must come to terms with their pasts in order to be open to a future together.

What an enjoyable read from the feisty Fiona Archer! This book is teeming with intrigue, suspense and some pretty hot romance to go along with those steamy scenes of domination. Reagan is is a fabulous heroine attempting to overcome her adversities, and when you throw the sexy Seals, Quinn and Mike into the mix, High Stakes Loving is all the better. Thank you Fiona Archer for easing me into King's Bluff, I will be visiting again. 



  1. Sounds interesting...will add to my TBR pile. :)

  2. Step-by-step, slowly, but surely Miss Kimberly! Now you need to read book #1 in Fiona Archer's King's Bluff, Wyoming series, Chloe's Double Draw. I love Fe's books!

  3. Will add this to my TBR list. Will get book 1 first. Thanks Margie.