Monday, March 17, 2014


Appearing on Lord Rhys Denham's doorstep ill-disguised as a boy, Lady Althea Curtiss has left home after discovering her intended only wanted her dowry. The self proclaimed plain miss asks her old and dearest friend Rhys to allow her to accompany him in his travels of the continent and safely deposit her into their mutual godmother's care in Italy. 

Six years after having been left at the alter by his would be bride, Rhys still feels the affects of the betrayal, he isn't ready to move on a find a wife who would make him content and give him an heir. At the time of Rhys' troubles, the young Thea was secretly in love with him and helped him weather the would-be bride's and his best male friend's deception of their elopement.  When Thea reminds Rhys of a promise he made to her at that point in time, he agrees to help her in her quest of escaping a loveless marriage.

In their travels, the friends surrender to their passions and begin an affair that is destined to create heartache for all involved. 

UNLACING LADY THEA is a interesting tale of unknown destiny and beginning new lives. I enjoyed it, but I found myself skimming more than paying intent attention. Thea consistently doubts anyone's interest in her other than for her dowry and for pity and it becomes tedious. The likable Lord Denham has so many chances to awaken from his stupor of stubbornness before he is basically knocked in the head by a Reverend who ends up traveling with the pair. All's well that ends well,  and that is the upside to UNLACING LADY THEA by Louise Allen.


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