Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What do you get when you put a hot, tall cowboy of Viking ancestry and a beautiful school teacher, author extraordinaire together? You get trouble, and a whole mess of it. Meet Angel Morgan, a sometime school teacher who writes dime novels about the Wild West under a pen name. Angel seems to have difficulty staying away from a particular brand of trouble named Rune Wulffson. You see, Angel and Rune have history. Angel was responsible for sending Rune to jail for a crime he did not really commit and now Rune is out for revenge. Or is he?

One thing you must understand is that Rune and Angel are not all that they appear to be, they are both have multiple identities and they are both on different missions that lead them in the same direction. Rune needs to get in with a really bad band of bandits and Angel is on the search for a friend's missing fiancee. While attempting to accomplish these missions, there's a whole lot of sexual tension going on here and it ends up being real hard for these two people to keep their hands off one another while evading horse thieves, murderers and some kidnappers. Yes, there's that whole lot of trouble I was talking about.

What an enjoyable follow-up to Angel Gone Bad. I just love a book where the heroine is a strong and self-sufficient female who doesn't cry or cower every time there's an issue, and Angel hits that mark. Rune is such an interesting hero. His ties to his ancestry are so admirable and make you want to know more about him, not just about handsome he is, but what makes him tick.

I eagerly await the follow-up BRIDE GONE BAD by Sabine Starr


3 Stars (Excellent Read)

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