Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl by Gina Lamm REVIEW BY LISA MARIE

GEEK GIRLS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!!!! “Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl” by Gina Lamm is a truly unique take on the whole Regency Historical Romance genre.  Jamie Marten is your a typical computer loving, smart phone having, World of Warcraft playing geek girl of 2013.  Imagine her shock when she is sucked into a mirror and dropped into 1816 England.  At first our Hero Lord Micah “Mike” Axelby, Earl of Dunnington believes her to be an intruder and a Courtesan due to her lack of proper attire. (Of course she was wearing a tank and shorts, she was working in her friend’s Grandfather’s 300 degree storage locker, duh!)  Being the gentleman that he is, he offered her a place to stay, even if he didn’t believe her convoluted story about being from the future. More like a mother to Lord Axelby than a maid, Mrs. Knightsbridge takes poor Jamie under her wing and begins her “Countess” Training, but it seems as daunting of a task as teaching a chicken to be a swan. No two could be more different and yet these two were destined to be together. As our story unfolds, our pair discover that no matter how hard they try, no matter how angry the other makes them, they learn that the heart wants nothing to do with what the head is telling them.  Now throw in a honest to goodness spell casting witch (double, double, she causes A LOT of trouble!) and a psycho ex-lover (no, seriously, like make sure you check your stock pot for boiling bunnies and your bed for horse heads, cause this bitch is cray cray!) and things get very spicy.  The “parts we don’t talk about with our Mother or Clergy” were steamy and sticky in just the right combination. I enjoyed the hell out of this story and only hope that this wasn’t a one hit wonder from this author.  Being a self proclaimed nerd from way back before it was cool, this book called out to me and it did not disappoint one bit.  If you enjoy funny, smart, thrilling, scifi, supernatural, SMEXY AS HELL books, then I expect this to be added to the top of your tbr pile.  ::sigh:: I’m not gonna lie, I just tried sticking my hand into the mirror on my bureau and was sorely disheartened to find that there was no Colin Firth type Earl waiting for me on the other side... just a wall... that I really need to paint... oh well.  Happy reading my little deviants :)


5 very enthusiastic stars!!!

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