Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Re-Cap of Liberty States Fiction Writers ~CREATE SOMETHING MAGICAL~ Conference 2013

The Awesome Caridad Pineiro and I at the BOC Party on Saturday Night

Well folks, what can I say? It was a very interesting weekend in Iselin, NJ at the Liberty States Fiction Writer's Conference. Chock full of amazing authors and readers just there to have a good time. Part of my Book Obsessed group arrived on Friday evening, hoping to help ultimate planner, Rayna Vause and super side-kick Caridad Pineiro with the work. Alas, they had it all under control so we just sat back and relaxed with them.

Keynote speaker this year was the indomitable horror writer, Jonathan Maberry, who is a force in and of himself.

The conference itself began bright and early on Saturday morning with a very easy-going registration before reader panels began. The first panel I went to was Elisabeth Staab, Caridad Pineiro and Stephanie Julian of course chatting about the paranormal... Great stuff !!! 

Elisabeth Staab, Caridad Pineiro and Stephanie Julian

The next panel I attended was with two of my ultimate Regency writers, Katharine Ashe and Sarah MacLean. It was a fab chat with these ultra interesting ladies who included the attendees in the chat. Ahhh how I love historical!!!!!

Katharine Ashe and Sarah MacLean

Next, we had an extremely and quite informative panel with Joey Hill and Dr Charley Ferrer, which went into the world of BDSM and had the attendees laughing as well as blushing... 

Joey Hill and Dr. Charley Ferrer

It was a whirlwind day with so much going on, that before you knew it, the book signing was upon us. What a great event. I just love how you can go up to your favorite authors and have some one on one time with them... They are all so gracious!

Tina Gabrielle

Cris Anson

Margaret Whelehan, Jenn Fraser, Joey Hill, Kim Rocha and Francesca Bensi

Damon Suede and Framcesca Bensi

Caridad Pineiro

Maya Rodale

Francesca Bensi with Jennfier Probst

Katharine Ashe

Sarah MacLean

The evening continued with The Book Obsessed Chicks party with BOC chica, Denise Scarangella as line dance instructor for the night, and what a great job she did!

Babette James

Francesca with Virginia Kantra

Pilar, Francesca and I

Penny and Denise

My BOC Chica Carol

Francesca and Joey Hill

Penny, Denise, Terry and Holly

Denise and Joey Hill

Eagerly awaiting to plan the party for next year and hang out with readers and authors and the Liberty States Fiction Writers ~ CREATE SOMETHING MAGICAL 2014~


  1. Great article. I had a blast yet again and look forward to next year.

  2. Looks like you all have a great time, thanks for posting the pictures. :)

  3. It was a pleasure spending time with you and all the Liberty Writers and readers. I was honored to do the workshop with Joey W. Hill on BDSM. I'd also love to invite everyone to the 3-Day Intensive Experiential BDSM for Writers workshop in NYC August 23-25. I hope you are enjoying the prize, metal collar, from Dungeon Delights. Look forward to more pictures. Thanks for being a part of the workshop.

    PS: Love the male pictures on your website.

    Live with passion,

    Doctor Charley...

  4. I had a great time and enjoyed the company of everyone. The authors are so approachable and the other readers were all nice to chat with. It was a fun day! I had a fun night at the party with the line dancing and the regular dancing. The DJ was great.