Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unfinished Dreams by Amanda McIntyre


Unfinished Dreams is the story of Gabe Russell and Tess Graham. Gabe is down on his luck, floundering his way through life while struggling to keep alive his hopes and dreams of his family heritage. Tess is determined to have a new start in life in a quiet country setting to try to erase the bad memories of an abusive ex-husband. Gabe’s and Tess’ lives cross when Tess moves into Gabe’s foreclosed farmhouse. As Gabe now is making ends meet as a repair man, he is called in by Tess to do repairs to the farm buildings. After various ups, downs, trials and tribulations these two damaged personalities find love and comfort in each other.
Amanda McIntyre shows her true talent in her excellent word choices and descriptions in this book.  She makes Gabe and Tess come alive in the reader’s eyes and drives the strong story line with her interesting characterizations. She provides many enjoyable passages and I include the following as proof of her delightful, entertaining ability. “Gabe scrambled for every ounce of gentlemanly integrity he could muster as his eyes all but rolled out of their sockets.”
I just love a poignant love story that brings “happy” tears to my eyes as I read.  Amanda McIntyre certainly doesn’t disappoint.  You’ll enjoy laughing and crying, fighting and loving, as well as sharing despair and happiness with Gabe and Tess. Trust me on this.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 

4 1/2 STARS
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  1. The story sounds exciting to read, I loved Amanda's Wild and Unruly and Fallen Angel and they were great, I'm sure she didn't let down her readers with Unfinished Dreams

  2. Haven't read of this author before. Nice view.

  3. Thanks for the great review.

  4. I definitely want to root these characters on! When they're damaged, its all the more reason why they need love to help them.