Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Princess Dagmar Marie Sophie is in a bit of a bind. Barely getting by with what she has, Dagmar is about to be thrown out of her home by her cousin. He has given her a choice, get thee to family or be sent to live in a convent. None of those options are agreeable to the Princess. British spy, Leopold Ernst George Latimer, the seventh Earl of March is in a bind himself. Attacked in Copenhagen and left for dead, he wakes up on a ship headed to England in stranger circumstances, he discovers he's married to the princess. Just how did that happen? 

Once in England, the pair decide to make the best of the strange situation, meanwhile odd mishaps start happening  and in addition to getting their lives in order, the ultimately must fight to stay out of danger. Feeling guilt for having thrust an unknowing Leo into marriage, Dagmar decides she will give him an annulment, but Leo has other ideas as he finds he is quite taken with his wife and all of her eccentricities, so he sets out to convince her that while she was underhanded in the onset of the marriage, now, she is truly what he wants in a wife. An innocent at first,  Dagmar soon finds the intimacy of marriage in  to her liking and her inner cheekiness is welcome to her new husband. Leo is one of the most honorable of heroes who makes the most of what he is given and comes out even better for it.

Katie MacAlister's THE TRUTH ABOUT LEO is a simply enjoyable read with it's twists and turns and its humor and sensuality. For all that, I did find Dagmar to be a tad annoying in her insistence that she give Leo his freedom while the man is protesting to wanting it. I really do like this series and will continue to read the NOBLE SERIES as long as Katie MacAlister adds to it with her wit and wisdom. 


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  1. Love all of Katie MacAlister's books. I look forward to reading this one as we'll.