Tuesday, March 16, 2021

A Review of Tracey J. Lyons: The Amish Teacher's Wish (Love Inspired)

Sadie Fischer is quite content being Amish community, Miller's Crossing's, school teacher. As long as her parents resist their urge to marry Sadie off to a local widower, Sadie would be happy to stay right where she is in her teaching position. She has her family and her friends as well as the students who look up to her, and for now that suits her fine.

Levi Byler needed a change from his own Amish community. His fiancee jilts him, deciding to leave the Amish to be with an Englisch man, leaving Levi heartbroken and confused. He has come to the conclusion he needs to be alone and not take a wife. Levi travels to Miller's Crossing to help his cousin with his carpentry business and when he happens upon a Sadie Fischer in distress, his conclusions about remaining alone become a daily struggle.

The more the school teacher and the carpenter get to know one another, everything they had planned for their individual lives become a swirl of emotions that neither were equipped to handle easily. Sadie's position in Miller's Crossing could be jeopardized by the attention that Levi pays her, even the most innocent of attention. Levi's refusal to see what is immediately in front of him takes the reader on a journey of extreme satisfaction.

Talented author, Tracey J. Lyons has written a feel-good story, and I adore her for it. In the reality of turmoil and uncertainty, her ease at telling this comforting tale warms the soul. THE AMISH TEACHER'S WISH  is timeless and rewarding. Getting to know Sadie, Levi, and the accompanying cast of characters is heartening and leaves a smile on your face.  I highly recommend THE AMISH TEACHER'S WISH by Tracey J. Lyons. 



  1. Thank you, Kim. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book!

  2. After reading "The Amish Teacher's Wish", I found Tracey's writing to be
    a very interesting read. She brought Lizzie from "A Love for Lizzie" to
    join with Sadie Fischer in her quest for a happy life.
    With the concerns of her vader trying to choose a marriage partnern for
    her and the arrival of Levi Byler there was a bit of drama going on. Levi
    was in Miller's Crossing after a breakup with his friend Anne and Sadie was
    trying to get out of marrying Isaiah Troyer the older neighbor and friend of
    her vader. She knew her sister Sara wanted so much to be with Isaiah,
    this pleased her.
    The Amish are not supposed to have alot of public viewing and it seems that
    being with Levi so much while the school was being repaired after the storm
    that the school board was very concerned that she was not a good match to be
    a teacher at the school
    All in all it seems her wish came true with her sister being with Isaiah
    Troyer the man her vader chose for her and the school board approving her
    continued teaching job and finally her wish to be with Levi.
    In the end Levi found his home and Sadie found her Amish man.
    After reading a book by Tracey J. Lyons, I always say, "I can't beleive my
    daughter has written another book. "Congratulations on your achievement Tracey."
    So proud of you. Mom

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