Thursday, February 26, 2015

#REVIEW: Highland Guard (Murray Family #20) by Hannah Howell

When Lady Annys McQueen sends word that she, her people and her lands are in dire assistance from a hostile takeover by her deceased husband's family, she isn't prepared to come face to face with the man that made her feel like she never in her life felt before, the man who gave her the treasure she hold dearly everyday. 

Sir Harcourt Murray, a most honorable man, appears as quickly as he can to protect Lady Annys and her people. When he sees her again, the yearning that he had for her returns full force and is difficult to put aside. Now he not only must protect Annys and her people, but the young son Benet, who she holds more dear than anything in her life. 

For me, any Hannah Howell book is a must read. I do really enjoy them. Highland Guard has a very good premise but it was a bit drawn out for me. Sir Harcourt Murray is a wonderful character with so many endearing qualities, Annys however started to wear on me. I love the Murrays with their honor and loyalty to one another, but this book didn't give me the usual rapor I have come to love so much. I still am a huge fan of Ms. Howell's and would never miss anything she writes. This story was a good read and still passes inspection.


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