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Rock Steady by Dawn Ryder
Series: Rock Band, Book 2
ISBN: 9781492616795
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance

About the Book
Second in Dawn Ryder’s sizzling new Rock Band series.

Superstar guitarist Ramsey’s reputation as a bad-boy rocker is exceeded only by his dedication to his music. He’s worked hard for the success of his hit metal band Toxsin, and he intends to enjoy it—completely. When a jilted groupie gets back at him for a one-night stand with an intimate—and completely inappropriate—tattoo, he needs it fixed, and fast. Sparks fly between Ramsey and his new tattoo artist, and Ramsey finds himself hoping for more than new ink.

When a high-profile tattoo job lands Jewel an invite on Toxsin’s latest tour, she can’t say no. It’ll be great exposure, after all. What she’s really worried about is ruining the gig by hooking up with the first guy to completely rock her world. She knows she should resist—Ramsey’s not the kind to stick around for a morning after. But the way he makes her feel—as an artist and a woman—could be worth any risk.

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About the Author
Dawn Ryder is the erotic romance pen name of a bestselling author of historical romances. She has been publishing her stories for over eight years to a growing and appreciative audience. She is commercially published in mass market and trade paper, and digi-first published with trade paper releases. She is hugely committed to her career as an author, as well as to other authors and to her readership. She resides in Southern California.

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Exclusive Excerpt from ROCK STEADY
Actually, she felt like a mega-fool for bringing him inside her apartment. She was practically going into heat with so much raw brawn so close to her fingertips. Getting him out of reach was a priority, or she might end up hating herself when she did something impulsive.
She got the feeling Ramsey knew exactly how to take advantage of “impulsive” moments.
“This will do the job.” The paper wrapping crinkled, seeming excessively loud, because every nerve ending she had was on high alert.
Ramsey turned toward her, the case settling onto the worn floorboards. He popped open the top button of his pants, and she fought off the urge to run a hand across her chin in case she was drooling.
Boy, was he worthy of it.
But she wasn’t going there.
As in…No! All you have is your pride, girl.
It was a sad little truth. Jewel covered the new ink carefully.
Ramsey chuckled softly.
So very…male.
“Don’t be intimidated.”
She looked up, the cloth tape she’d planned to secure the gauze with still dangling from her fingers.
He cupped her chin and lowered his head until their lips were a single inch apart.
“Don’t be intimidated, babe.” He was stroking her jawline, sending ripples of delight down her body. “Touch me.”
She shook her head, recoiling as a warning bell went off somewhere in the part of her brain still functioning on a rational level. “I am going to cover this and…”
Her fingers were trembling.
Hell, she was rapidly turning into a quivering mass of overstimulated receptors.
But she got the gaze tapped in place and pushed the button back through its hole.
And realized she’d been holding her breath the entire time.
She stepped away from him and drew in a deep breath. As she blew it out, she heard the unmistakable sound of him chuckling.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” She discovered herself laughing along with him. “Like you don’t know what you do to the opposite sex.”
His eyes narrowed, his expression becoming insanely sensual. Her mouth went dry as she stared, transfixed by the glitter in his eyes. She wasn’t sure when he moved, only that he was suddenly folding her into his embrace.
“Glad to know I’m not the only one turned-on.” His voice was a husky promise, just a whisper against her temple that shouldn’t have had the power to send a shiver down her spine in the bright light of day.
“Whoa.” She flattened her hands on his chest, but pulled away when it felt like she’d grabbed a pair of live jumper cables. “We’re not doing this.”
He cupped her nape, the grip ripping through the fragile hold she had on logic. As in shredded. There was something primal about the way he handled her, taking control and tilting her head up so she got locked into his mesmerizing stare. But he held back, just enough to make her have to commit to the moment. If he’d kissed her, she could have labeled him an overbearing jerk. A spoiled celebrity. Instead, she was caught between temptation and the screaming warning from her common sense.
“We’re not doing it…yet,” he rasped.
Disappointment drew its claw across her as he spoke. There was a flash of iron-willed control in his dark eyes that frustrated her as much as it titillated.
“You’re not nearly excited enough, Jewel.”
“What I’m not, is onto jumping clients,” she informed him with what was left of her rational mind.
She tried to shift away, but he moved his hand into her hair, threaded his fingers through the delicate threads before he massaged her scalp. The motion set off a crazy twist of awareness that went coiling through her until it set fire to her clit. Her hips jerked toward his, giving her a blunt, first-hand knowledge of just how hard his cock was.
“Better,” he said. “But still not enough.”
“I mean it, Ramsey. Back off.” She hated how desperate she sounded, but there was little help for it. She was transforming into putty, just a hair’s breath away from losing all grip on what she should do, in favor of what she craved.
All those dark cravings no one really wanted to admit they had. For the first time, she feared him, because Ramsey wasn’t afraid of those dark tidings. Oh, hell no. He danced into the center of the storm and let it consume him.
“Really—” She pushed away from him, taking a moment to touch his chest, getting a glimpse of what she was forbidding herself to experience.
Being practical sucked.
He let her go, but she didn’t think for a second he was in agreement with her. No, there was something in his eyes that warned her this was just beginning.


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