Saturday, November 26, 2016

JOANN'S REVIEW ** Real Earls Break the Rules (The Infamous Somertons #2) by Tina Gabrielle **

This book is a revisit to the Somerton ladies. Ms Gabrielle first introduced us to the ladies in her earlier novel An Artful Seduction.

This story was also a delight. When Brandon St. Clair, the Earl of Vale first met Amelia Somerton she was working in a print shop and he was just so intrigued by her. Amelia's sister marries the Earl of Huntingdon, Brandon's closest friend and Brandon invites the whole family for a stay in his country estate Rosehill. As the daughter of a renowned forger she is skeptical of Brandon's proposal to paint his portrait and copy a famous artwork he has in his home.

Brandon just can not keep his hands off Amelia and she too is just as passionate towards him. This is a great book for fans like myself of historical romance. Will the Earl break rules and marry the forger's daughter or seek a wealthy young debutante?

~~ JOANN~~

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