Sunday, May 14, 2017

Into the Hall of Vice (Bastards of London, Book 2) by Anabelle Bryant

I read INTO THE HALL OF VICE by the indomitable Anabelle Bryant several weeks ago, and at the time I wasn't able to put into words what I felt about the book. Sometimes things just get in the way. Now that I am back from a very inspiring time at the RT Booklovers convention, I feel the need to share a book that should be represented. First of all, Ms. Bryant's writing is superb. This author is a wonder at spinning a web to entrap the reader, and this story is one of her finest. So whether Anabelle Bryant is a new name to you, or you have read her tales in the past, THE BASTARDS OF LONDON series is a must read.

Despite his meager beginnings, Cole Hewitt has what many crave, good looks, money and power. Part owner of London's infamous Underground gaming hell, Cole may seem to have it all, but the one thing he actually craves, love. Bastard born and thrown into the streets by the peer father who wanted nothing to do with his by blow, Cole sets himself a high bar now after struggling to survive. On the outside it appears that Cole has it all, but he himself doesn't feel that way at all. Seeing his business partner find the love of his life give Cole pause to reflect on what he doesn't have, Cole's heart is still empty and wanting.

Once Lady Gemma Amberson, The Duke of Kent's sister, leaves off her mourning attire that has clouded her persona for the past two years, she is now determined to find out what exactly happened to her father. His death still fresh on her mind daily, was not a completely clear, and Gemma is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

A chance meeting between two strangers is enough to spark a fire between Cole and Gemma that begins a tumultuous journey of adventure and heartache... Which will win? You must read INTO THE HALL OF VICE by Anabelle Bryant to find out! 



  1. Thanks so much for reading. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Cole and Gemma's love story. I hope you'll continue with the Bastards of London series!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well. I read while standing on lines at RT and kept myself awake when I needed the rest. I look forward to the next one.