Thursday, July 13, 2017

#BOC REVIEWS: Plain Haven by Susan Lantz Simpson

 When librarian , Lilly Brandt witnesses a crime in her hometown, her only option is to go into hiding. The criminals in question will stop at nothing to find Lilly and make sure she can't identify them. When the authorities decide to send Lilly into witness protection within an Amish community in Southern Maryland, it's not only a shock to her system, but a whole way of life. Trying to fit in is a work in progress and any mess up could cost her as well as those around her. 

With the requisite name change and lessons on how to be plain, Lilly, AKA Hannah Kurtz begins her stay in Cherry Hill where she stays with an Amish family who are happy to have her there. As a guest at Rebecca and Samuel Hertzel, Hannah becomes an integral member of their lively household where she not only helps with the children, but takes some stress off the pregnant Rebecca. 

Jake Beiler is an Amish man nursing a broken heart. When he discovers the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with turned her back on the Amish, he vows to never fall in love again. Meeting the fascinating Hannah Kurtz changes all that when the two begin a friendship that  quickly morphs into something deeper. But Hannah is really not Amish and the closer she gets to these people, the more she may be putting them in danger. The only thing is, everyday it's harder to keep herself at a distance and being in Jake's company makes her yearn for something she cannot have...or can she?

PLAIN HAVEN by Susan Lantz Simpson is a wonderfully written book that sucked me right in, beginning with page 1.The entire atmosphere is electric, between the imminent danger Lilly is in and the way she takes to life in Cherry Hill. I simply couldn't put this book down and I am anxious to read more by this talented author. 


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