Monday, March 5, 2018

Unmarried: An Amish Romance (The Troyers of Lancaster County Book 1) by Julie Frankland

Book Blurb:

Sarah Troyer is the oldest of six sisters and works in a bakery. She's soon forced to leave her cozy life to take action and help her fellow merchants after a new development outside of Mount Akron begins.
Zeke is the owner of the hardware store next to Sarah’s bakery and he’s been in love with Sarah for as long as he’s known her. He’s been too shy to ask her out. 
Thrown together in a mutual task of saving their shops, the two get to know each other and what they are capable of. Even with Sarah’s father admonishing her about the lure of the English world, Sarah still knows that God has put this obstacle in her path for a reason.
Though Sarah has some doubts that a man will want her as a wife, she still pursues the leadership role she feels God has destined for her. As Sarah blossoms, Zeke falls more in love with her and knows that he must state his intentions. He knows that not just any man will be good enough for Sarah. She needs a man who has the strong faith that he possesses to help her walk with God while doing his will. 
But will he be able to find the courage to make that first move?

Kimberly's Review

I have to say, that I really enjoyed this book. Hard-working Sarah practically runs the local bakery. When a new shopping center threatens the livelihoods of the local Amish and English communities, Sarah joins forces with a formerly Amish man, now a lawyer, Amos King and Amish hardware store owner, Zeke Lapp in trying to retain their way of life. Al the while Zeke and Sarah become closer and even though neither is looking to marry, their ethics, hopes and dreams are so in sync, they are a perfect pair.

Amos King is a wonderful protagonist, trying to get Zeke to admit his attraction to Sarah. Sarah may protest wanting t marry, as being the eldest of her siblings and being the one who takes care of everything, but when she opens up her heart to Zeke, there is no stopping them.

Unmarried is the first book in Julie Frankland's The Troyers of Lancaster County and it most definitely will not be my last.


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