Saturday, July 7, 2018

BOOK OBSESSED CHICKS EARLY BUZZ REVIEW: London's Wicked Affair (Midnight Secrets #1) by Anabelle Bryant

Anabelle Bryant, author of 12 amazing romance novels, has the latest distinction of now having her first Regency Romance in print. A much deserved step on the upwards climb for this indomitable woman. I say, it’s about time! Having read every single one of her previous novels, which are all available in eBook form, I can safely say that Ms. Bryant is one of today’s most innovative voices in the romance realm.

In Anabelle Bryant’s new release, London’s Wicked Affair, the first in the Midnight Secrets series, hero Lundon Beckford, the Duke of Scarsdale by default, when his older brother, who passed away in a tragic accident, is in London to settle some of his brother’s business. After a scandal surrounding the previous Duke’s death, where Lundon was ultimately been blamed for robbing his deceased brother of his title, Lundon shuns life in town, preferring to ensconce himself away in the country. Lundon presents himself at the home of his best friend, Matthew Strathmore, the Earl of Whittingham, for a quiet place to rest his head until his business is concluded. Matthew was with Lundon the day of his brother’s tragic demise, and for his help, Matthew received a gunshot wound to his knee that changes his life forever.

At his meeting with Matthew, Lundon is asked to help pawn his lively sister off in marriage to a gentleman of the ton. Amelia, Matthew’s vivacious sister, want a marriage with love like her parents share. Unfortunately for her, Matthew and her parents do not have the time or the inclination to wait for Amelia to find true love, for Amelia and Matthew’s father is stricken with an illness which leads to his declining health. Their mother formulates a list with the virtues required in a husband and hands them off to Lundon.’

When Amelia finds out her brother’s plans, she, in turn, develops a wish list of adventures to be had before she must acquiesce to her family’s wishes. This is where the situation get a tad sticky. For as much as Lundon wants to be done with town and escape, Amelia intrigues him beyond the pale. Her personality and ardor for life begin to change Lundon little by little, until he is firmly under the lady’s spell. But Lundon believes he isn’t husband material and denial can outweigh those new-found feelings. Behind her back, an ambitious Matthew makes a deal with a so-called devil for his sister’s hand in marriage to satisfy in own ambitions. Amelia has other plans, and if she must eventually marry, she is first going to experience life on her own terms, but will Lundon’s quest to remain aloof be ruined by Amelia’s plans? Only time and reading Lundon’s Wicked Affair by Anabelle Bryant answer this all important question.

Knowing Ms. Anabelle Bryant’s talent and writing like I do, I expected something special. As usual, Anabelle comes through with flying colors, but there is something even more enchanting about Amelia and Lundon’s story that resonates with this reader. Anabelle Bryant has created a new circle of friends and family that this reader is waiting to delve into. Not only do I care about the hero and heroine deeply, but I feel a camaraderie with every single character surrounding the two, even the dastardly wrong brother, Matthew. Reading London’s Wicked Affair will have you placing Ms Anabelle Bryant on your auto-buy list, and make you go back and find out where this talented lady started. Bravo Anabelle Bryant!


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