Friday, August 26, 2011

Dangerous Pleasure by Lora Leigh

As we being our journey of  Dangerous Pleasure, we find 25 year old Paige Galbraithe being "held captive" in her brother Khalid Mustafa's household for her own protection. Khalid and Paige are half siblings and Khalid's insane father Azir Mustafa wants revenge on the siblings and their mother Marilyn who escaped from his clutches in Saudi Arabia when Khalid was a baby.
Khalid's half brother, Abram Mustafa is also the offspring of Azir and the handsome and sensual thirty-something Abram, has had it bad for Paige since she was a teen. The attraction, in fact, was mutual but Abram always felt he would endanger Paige by bringing the attraction to light, as well a really anger Khalid. Aside from the fact that Abram and his cousin Tariq enjoy some sexual games that may be too much for the young Paige to handle.
Fed up with being her brother Khalid's "house-guest", Paige walks out of protective custody and right into Azir Mustafa's hands and Abram must find a way to save her from his father before Azir destroys her.

I loved Dangerous Pleasure. I wish it was longer, but the story was excellent. I have always enjoyed Lora Leigh's  Bound Heart Series and this was definitely worth waiting for. I am crossing my fingers for Tariq's book.

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