Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seducing the Highlander by Emma Wildes

Three short stories about people intertwined by family and friendship. Seducing Ian begins with the beautiful Leanna Arlington being kidnapped in retribution for Laird Ian McCray's uncle being arrested on false charges. Things happen very quickly when Leanna offers herself freely to the handsome Laird. Do they both succumb to their feeling or do they keep it impersonal?

In Seducing Robbie, Ian's cousin, Robert McCray is approached by Julia Cameron with a proposition he can't pass up. Julia is certain sh can maintain her distance from the roguish Robbie, but it proves difficult.

In Seducing Adain, Adain Cameron, Julia's ex-betrothed in Robbie's story, saves the Lady Gillian Lorin from certain harm. She was on her way to be sold off to the Earl of Kleiss, a cruel old man, when the coach is attacked and Gillian almost raped. Adain saves her and takes her to his home.

I genuinely enjoyed this book. The stories were just the right length and I wasn't left with a wanting. Sure I would love to see what happens later on in these families lives, but I'm satisfied with the endings. This was my first Emma Wildes and I definitely will read more!


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