Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Secret Life of Cowboys - TYLER by C.H. Admirand

Tyler is the first book in the “Secret Life of Cowboys” trilogy with Dylan coming in January of 2012 and Jesse last. There is no release date as of yet for Jesse, but that will be coming shortly.

Tyler Garahan is the eldest of the Garahan brothers. When the family ranch, the Circle G is in jeopardy of the loan being called in, Tyler needs to find a way fast to save the ranch and his and brothers’ livelihoods. So, Tyler decides to find work in a what he thinks is just a bar, but the Lucky Star is much more than a bar, it’s a strip club for ladies. While Tyler thinks he is interviewing for an ordinary bar helper, the owner, Jolene has other things in mind for Tyler. Jolene Langley wants Tyler to be her new act, and the pretty Emily Langley, Jolene’s cousin has other plans for Tyler… personal plans.

Tyler begins a crazy schedule of ranch work during the day and his strip club act at night that has him exhausted for everything but Emily. On top of all that, Tyler attempts to keep his nighttime activities on the down low from his brothers.

I have to tell you all, I adored this book. At first when I read Cowboy-Stripper, I was like, uh uh, but was I so wrong. I love Tyler. It’s a great ride with this so-called traditional cowboy with this sassy and outspoken redhead! Tyler and Emily are awesome. I hope you like this book as much as I did. C.H. Admirand has sucked me into the world of the Garahan brothers and I don’t ever want to break free.

I actually read this book many moons ago. I guess now is a good a time as any to tell you all about it. Please pick it up and ENJOY!!!
4 Stars (Brilliant)


C.H. Admirand's website:   http://www.chadmirand.com/tyler.php


  1. Kimberly! You are too nice. Thanks so much for the wonderful review. I'm sending the link to my editor and agent even as we speak ;)

    Fingers crossed you enjoy Dylan & Ronnie's story, too.

    BTW...Jesse's release date is July 2012 ;)

    Thanks again!!! See you at RAW!

  2. Kim sent me this book and i loved it, couldn't put it down. I love cowboys and Tyler was hard working cowboy and sexy too1 Emily was one sassy gal,putting these 2 people together they burned the sheets.I was reading this book while a cowboy friend was visiting me and he wanted ot know what I was reading,he read it and now all his friends(male and female)so they keep tellin me they liked it...and Luke keeps teasing me whenver he comes and visits which isn't very often he dances for me...can't wait for Dylan's story! carolefiore@yahoo.com