Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Secret Life of Cowboys-DYLAN by C.H. Admirand

Dylan, the second book in the "Secret Life of Cowboys" trilogy, takes off pretty much from where Tyler ended. Emily and Tyler are now living together at the Circle C Ranch in Pleasure, Texas. Jessie is dealing with his pretty constant female issues and Dylan is single. Tyler no longer works at the Lucky Star, but as this book begins, we find our middle Garahan brother strutting his stuff for the ladies at the strip club as a favor to Jolene Langley, Emily's cousin and the owner of the Lucky Star.

One this particular evening three ladies walk into the Lucky Star, one blindfolded. Dylan lassoes the female, her girlfriend removes the blindfold and Dylan then reels the lassoed one in. The girl, New Jersey transplant  Ronnie DelVecchio, is not thrilled, but Dylan is totally attracted to the green eyed brunette with an attitude. When he kisses her in front of the crowd, Ronnie at first struggles, then melts into the hot cowboy, then does a turn around and stiffens up on Dylan. That doesn't deter Dylan in the least.

From the first kiss at the Lucky Star, Dylan knows he has to make Ronnie his. Ronnie on the other hand, while attracted to Dylan, struggles to keep her distance all because of a family "curse". Only problem with that is, Dylan is doing carpentry work on Ronnie's shop "Guilty Pleasures" which was vandalized. In exchange for the work Dylan is doing, Ronnie has agreed to cook for the Garahan brothers. The back and forth between Dylan and Ronnie builds and builds until something gives. If you want to know what that is, you have to read Dylan!

I really enjoyed reading Dylan. The Garahan boys totally had me with Tyler and this story only enhanced my love for the handsome cowboys. Ronnie DelVecchio is completely my kind of chick! She doesn't let anyone get over on her. She can hot-wire a car, she can cook and boy does she have sass. I love how C.H. has begun explaining Jessie's troubles here. That has only make me want Jessie's story NOW. Dylan is a poignant romance about two modern day people with deep roots to their perspective heritages.

Dylan is not set to release until January 1st, 2012 but C.H. Admirand was so gracious as to send me the ARC now. I met her personally at the RWA in NY in June and can tell you she is a truly amazing lady. I had already been a fan of hers with Tyler. If you haven't read Tyler, you should. The Garahan brothers are an interesting lot to explore. C.H. has also told me that Jessie will be released in July 0f 2012. Thank goodness, because I'm already going through Garahan withdrawal and that's not a good thing!

4 Stars (Brilliant)
4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

Here is a photo with C.H. Admirand and I at the RWA Literacy Signing in NYC on June 28th, 2011. I can't begin to tell you how uncomfortably hot it was in that ballroom but I think you can see from the photo.

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  1. OMGoodness, Kim I had no idea you would write a review when I sent you the ARC. Thank you so much for the wonderful review.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Dylan and Ronnie's story. I can't wait to visit with the Book Obsessed Chicks and wear my T-shirt! I will bring goodies :)

    Thank you so much!!!
    C.H. Admirand

  2. *BLUSHING PROFUSELY* When I really enjoy a story a story I like to tell everyone about it! Thanks so much for sending me the ARC. I am most humbled that you thought of me. Can't wait to see you! (((HUGS)))

  3. I fell in love with Tyler so I know Dyan's story willbe just as sexy and hot! I can't wait to read Dylan's story! I read Tyler's and gave it to a few of my friends and they are passing it around. I love cowboys-sexy and hot and good looking are my favorite!