Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Cowboy's Muse by Beth Williamson

Meet Clio, a goddess from Mt. Olympus. She loved to read anything and everything. One day she sneaks one of her father's books, reads words from the book out loud and ends up landing in a horse trough in Peyote, Texas in the year 1875. Enter Ace Nevada, town Sheriff who pulls Clio out of said horse trough and right into his life. Clio has never had to live a mortal life but is thrust right into it. Ace, clearly attracted to Clio from the first, takes her to the boarding house of Ms. Maybelle, where Clio learns to cook and help out. Clio is also attracted to Ace, in a big way! Does the fallen goddess get her man? Check out the story!

I was very lucky and won this in Beth Williamson's ARC contest on Twitter. Bravo Beth Williamson! I really enjoyed the story! I loved how she took Greek mythology and melded it with the Old West of 1875. I felt like I was in the story and was rooting for the hero and heroine from the first.


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