Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Taste of Midnight ~ A Novella by Lara Adrian ~

Although Conlon has been gone for over a year now, Danika MacConn is still in mourning in her own way. She returns to the Scottish Highlands with he son Connor to spend the holidays with her deceased mate's family. At a Breed Holiday party Danika comes face to face with evil in the form of Reiver. a dangerous  Breed male involved in the trafficking of humans. Along with Reiver is his bodyguard Bran, or so Reiver likes to refer to him a Brandogge.Bran is not who he seems to be. A Breed male badly scarred, but Danika still finds something familiar about the Scot.  

When Reiver makes an unwanted pass at Danika she insults the notorious Breed male with a resounding smack across his face. A big No No in Darkhaven society, especially for this female who no longer has a Breed male to protect her, or does she? Bran comes to Danika's defense and soon Danika realizes, through some investigation of Reiver's "blood club"  that Bran is none other that Malcolm MacBain,  Danika's mate Conlon's best friend.

Malcolm/Bran has gone undercover to seek revenge on Reiver for his past misdeeds. Malcolm/Bran has had feelings for Danika for centuries and when he finds out Reiver has plans to eliminate Danika he risks his cover as Reiver's bodyguard to save her from a sure death at Reiver's henchman's hands. When Malcolm see Danika also has a child he is in deep to get them both to safety.

Will Malcolm/Bran succeed in his revenge of Reiver? Will he finally act upon his feelings for Danika? These questions and more can be answered by reading this amazing Novella. Lara Adrian typically gets you by the first sentence. She is a master storyteller who brings you into the Breed world and makes you want to remain there. I enjoyed every written word and although it was short, I was not left wanting. This is a definite must read and I am thankful to have it while we all wait with bated breath for Darker After Midnight, Lara's final installment of the Midnight Breed Series. Once again Lara, BRAVO!

~ Kimberly ~

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)
4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)


  1. :) Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for sharing, Kimberly.
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Diana thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate it... :) Merry Christmas to you as well!!