Saturday, December 28, 2013


Rachel Kelly is a child psychologist very much in love with her Lt. Jake Dillon.  Jake is a police negotiator.  Their lives could not have been more in tune and perfect when Jake asked her to put his name on the mortgage she was about to sign for a little cottage.  But to make things even better, he not only wanted his name on the mortgage, he wanted to make Rachel's last name Dillon instead of Kelly.

Rachel's world just flew out of orbit the day Jake asked her to be his wife.  But more importantly he wanted her to be the mother of the dozen or so children he wanted.  How could the day been more than all one could have hoped for.  Rachel had the man she loved, the home they had chosen and children in the future.  Nothing could ever bring her down out of orbit.  Until they returned home and she got a call from her mother.  That call had Rachel's world down spiraling back to earth.  And her relationship with Jake ending.

Rachel and Jake must see each other living in the same town. As Rachel tries to find her way back to Jake she takes on three new young patients that will again change her life. Jay and Emily ages thirteen are each having problems in their respective homes.  Each problem different from the other but just as harmful.  Neither wants to open up to Rachel.  And then there is Alex, just turning six with the deposition of an older child.  Alex sees and speaks to Angels.  What has she gotten herself into now.  During on session, Alex tells Rachel not to worry because an angel is coming to help.

When a hostage crisis erupts, Rachel and three special children are in the middle of it all. Jake must rescue the one and only woman he loves, stop a crazed man, and keep the children safe and sane.   But unknown to Jake, he has help.  The angels come to the rescue.

I really liked this story.  All the characters were not know in the beginning of the story.  As she unfolded the story she introduced new characters and disclosed what parts they played in the story.  Some are keep at bay until their time to be known and they fit right in place as needed.  This is a story of love, hope, trust and the true belief that if you really with all your heart believe, there is an angel waiting for you to ask for help.  I must ask, how many times have you turned your head because you felt someone watching you, just in time to see a shadow disappear?     


  1. Nice review. I'm off to get your book, Petie. I so believe in angels.

  2. Great review. Sounds very intriguing.