Friday, August 15, 2014


Risky Business is the first book in the new Bomb Squad Hockey series trilogy by Melissa Cutler and I loved it!!

I am a big fan of Melissa’s books. I loved reading her Catcher Creek Cowboys series and ICE: Black Ops Defenders series. I would highly recommend reading this new series also!!

In Risky Business we meet Allison Whitley and Theoren (Theo) La Croix. Allison is a newly divorced single mother who has just moved to Destiny Falls New York. She is the new owner of Cloud Nine boat rentals, as part of her divorce settlement from crooked politician Lowell Whitley. Allison knows absolutely nothing about running the business, but that is all she has since the divorce has left her homeless and in debt.

Theo has been running Cloud Nine for the last 10 years. He was hoping to buy the business from Lowell before he was put in jail for embezzlement. Now with Allison taking over, Theo doesn’t know where this new arrangement will leave him. He wants Allison to sell the business to him, but is frustrated that she won’t. There is attraction between Allison and Theo from the beginning. They each feel it can’t go anywhere due to business arrangement that they are arguing over.
While reading the story we meet other characters that become Allison’s friends. Harper runs the local bar called Locks and she invites her to watch the Men’s league hockey game with her. At the hockey game Allison meets Marlena, Olivia and Presley.

The hockey team is called Bomb Squad. Theo, who is a defenseman on the team and his team mates Will, Liam and Brandon are all wounded ex-military heroes. They take their hockey playing very seriously and are hoping to play in an exhibition game sponsored by Wounded Veterans International.
As the story progresses there are obstacles that both Allison and Theo have to overcome and a relationship between them forms.

I very much enjoyed reading this book and it is a great beginning to a new series. I look forward to reading the next book in the series with Liam and Marlena’s story!


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