Saturday, April 18, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves #2) by Elle Boon

Niall Malik is a widower and Alpha of his pack. His wife Emma was killed by a hunter in her wolf form. Since then, Niall has spent his time raising his son Nolan and running the pack. After his brother Zayn finds his mate Cora, Nolan asks him when is he going to get a mate too. Niall realizes that Nolan needs a mother and sets out to find a mate. Since he was so in love with Emma, he vowed to find a female but unfortunately the new mate will never have his heart.

Alaina Strop was a teacher living in Baltimore while during work one day she was taken hostage by a disgruntled student. To recover from the effects of her capture, Alaina goes home to relax. Unfortunately for Alaina, she finds out that her "Father" has arranged a marriage for her to get rid of her. Roger, her father is abusive to both her mother and her. He has no use for Alaina as she is not a boy, can't shift and isn't really his. Alaina's mother is Fey and her real father was wolf. To avoid the marriage, Alaina runs away and heads to her aunt who lives with the Mystic Pack. After getting a flat, she decides to walk to her aunt's house. She is chased by rogue wolves and falls down a cliff. When she awakes, she is in the arms of a gorgeous man and has no memory. Niall takes her back to his home. He begins to realize that Alaina is his mate.

As Alaina tries to remember who she is, she realizes she has strong feelings for Niall. Niall begins to realize his feelings are strong too and feels guilty because he feels disloyal to his dead wife. While they both deal with the beginning of how they feel, Niall must also deal with rogues on Pack land, telling Alaina what he really is, helping her regain her memory, Alaina's "mate" picked out by her father showing up to claim her, Pack business and protecting his son.

This is the second book in the series by Elle Boon. I enjoyed this story. I was happy that Niall had the opportunity to find his mate a second time. Alaina was an interesting character too. Along with trying to find her memory, she had to find out who she was and where she fit in. I thought it was funny how everyone within the Pack knew that Alaina was Niall's mate but him because he fought what was in his heart.  I recommend this book by Elle Boon. 


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  1. I totally enjoyed this book. Elle always has plenty of humor included in her stories and I always find that humor adds to my reading enjoyment.