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Review, The Newlywed Game and Giveaway! : ~The Duke's Disaster (True Gentlemen 0) by Grace Burrowes~

She isn't quite his first choice, but she will do. After courting and losing a certain lady to another swain, the Duke of Anselm makes a go of it and asks lady's companion, Thea Collins to be his duchess. Thea is hoping to provide futures for her brother and sister and Noah is in such a position to do so.  After an unusual three day courtship and speedy marriage Thea becomes the duchess but when the duke finds his bride is damaged goods his anger and jealousy begin to worm its way into his heart and those have no place in a marriage. 

Since the death of her parents, Thea has been the mainstay for her brother who barely the age of twenty, drinks, gambles and whores his way through life and her sister who needs to be sponsored in hopes of eventually finding a suitable husband. Noah's proposal is a godsend and problem all at the same time. How can Thea tell Noah about her past when he comes to his own conclusions and believes them? 

Noah's plan for his life was a simple one, find a biddable wife, and produce heirs to the dukedom, but his plans are foiled when he takes the strong-willed beauty to wife. After their disaster of a wedding night Noah's trust of Thea teeters precariously and understanding this puzzle he married becomes a mission. Thea is trying her best to deal with the situation but being able to tell Noah her deepest secret is something she needs to come to terms with. As their marriage progresses with the intimacy the both desire will trust come as easily as budding love? Will Thea be able to open up to Noah and will he accept not her faults and all?  Reading The Duke's Disaster by Grace Burrowes will lead the way in those discoveries. 

Noah Winters and Thea Collins are a formidable duke and duchess. Noah really has no idea what to do when he realizes that Thea is so much more than that quiet little wife he was after. From her past sorrows Thea has become the tenacious woman she is today and she always looks forward. I love that about her. While her siblings worry her to distraction she doesn't let that get her down and when Noah assists her with those worries, they become a strong couple worth fighting for. Once again Grace Burrowes has me throughly entertained and looking forward to the next tale. 


The Newlywed Game with Noah Winters, 
Duke of Anselm and his bride Lady Thea

What’s is your spouse’s most used curse word?
Thea: A duke does not use foul language.
 Noah: A duke may drat something or someone to perdition fourteen times a day, my dear.
 Her Grace does not resort to cursing that I know of. A simple glower usually conveys her vexation handily. 
Thea: I am married to Anselm you see. A raised eyebrow does the work of ten raised voices.

 What one piece of advice would your spouse give to someone who is considering getting married?

 Thea: His Grace would probably tell those seeking a bride to spend more than three days courting their prospective spouse.

 Noah: We turned out just fine after a mere three-day courtship.

 Her Grace would probably instruct the maritally inclined to avoid dukes at all costs.

 Thea: Not necessarily, Anselm. You're off the market, and for the most part, your fellow dukes seem like decent fellows.

 What’s your spouse say is a little thing that he/she likes least about marriage? Most about marriage?

Thea: His Grace had to adjust to sharing his bed, which is roughly the size of a cricket pitch.

 Noah: A small cricket pitch, which I share with a thief who thrashes about half the night.

 Her Grace had to learn to navigate a house fourteen times too large for any one family, though I made the effort worth her while by being easy to find.

Thea: And oddly enough, His Grace usually turned up in the first place I sought him--the ducal bedroom.

What is the nicest compliment your spouse has ever given you?

 Thea: His Grace trusted me when I had not trusted him. 

 Noah: Your trust had been abused, dearest.

 Her Grace married me, when I'd made a complete hash out of the proposal and courtship. She is a woman of pre-eminent discernment.

 Thea: I was a woman with many troubles, all of which His Grace sorted out.

Title: The Duke’s Disaster

Author: Grace Burrowes

Release Date: April 7, 2015

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Genre: Historical Romance

Noah Winters, Duke of Anselm, exercises the pragmatism for which he's infamous when his preferred choice of bride cries off, and her companion, Lady Thea Collins, becomes his next choice for his duchess. Lady Thea's mature, sensible and even rather attractive-what could possibly go wrong?

As a lady fallen on hard times, Thea doesn't expect tender sentiments from His Grace, but she does wish Noah had courted her trust, lest her past turn their hastily arranged marriage into a life of shared regrets. Is His Grace courting a convenient wife, or a beautiful disaster?

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes' bestsellers include The Heir, The Soldier, Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal, Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish and Lady Eve's Indiscretion. The Heir was a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2010, The Soldier was a PW Best Spring Romance of 2011, Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish won Best Historical Romance of the Year in 2011 from RT Reviewers' Choice Awards, Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight was a Library Journal Best Book of 2012, and The Bridegroom Wore Plaid was a PW Best Book of 2012. Her Regency romances have received extensive praise, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist. Grace is branching out into short stories and Scotland-set Victorian romance with Sourcebooks. She is a practicing family law attorney and lives in rural Maryland.

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