Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What to Do with a Duke (Spinster House #1) by Sally MacKenzie

Cat Hutting is surrounded by family. Between her parents and her ten siblings, she has no place to write her book. For as much as she loves her family, she craves solitude and the only way that will happen is if she leaves her family home.

When Marcus, the handsome Duke of Hart appears in the charming village of Loves Bridge, Cat knows that something is up, for the duke hasn't been in Loves Bridge in almost a lifetime. After Marcus receives a letter that there is a vacancy at Spinster House, it is his job to find a new spinster to occupy the house and once Cat discovers this, she knows she has her way out. 

With the solution to his troubles in front of him, Marcus sees the end in sight until the rules set up by the first spinster are discovered and thwart Cat's search for quiet. She is not the only spinster vying for a place in Spinster House, two of her friends also covet the spot and they will do what they must to achieve that end, even if it upends the Duke of Hart's carefully cool existence. Did I mention the curse? Ah well you see, the first spinster cursed the Hart dukedom when her love for Marcus' ancestor lead her to her end. The curse cites that no duke shall live to see his heir's birth and Marcus has seen this curse work so convincingly over the generations. Only true love can break the curse, but Marcus believes that true love is a fallacy. 

Cat doesn't believe in the curse and finds that Marcus' belief is a detriment. Marcus is attracted to the feisty Cat, but knows that any relationship between them is doomed, but he simply can't get her out of his mind! Cat protests her interest in the duke, but their attraction simmers making this story too good to pass up.

WHAT TO DO WITH A DUKE by the incomparable Sally MacKenzie is a delightful tale teeming with excitement, mystery and humor.  Not only are the hero and heroine delightful, but the colorful cast of characters in the Hutting family and their surrounding neighbors add to the enchanting story.
Ms. MacKenzie knows well how to play on the reader's emotions right down to the final word. This first book in the SPINSTER HOUSE series WHAT TO DO WITH A DUKE is a must read for fans of historical romance. 



  1. It looks a nice historical series! And I love those old curses :)

    1. I loved the first series.. but you don't have to read to it to understand this one.... although you can get so much more from it