Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#BOC Guest Review by Joann **Dance With Destiny by Becky Lower**

This was a very good read. The story depicts the hardships of the families that remained behind as their men folk volunteered in the Union Army in 1861. 

Susannah Meyer is devastated to learn her husband William enlisted for a 90 Day stint in the Union Army. William would be leaving her to maintain their farm and care for their four children, all under ten years of age. Her anger is palatable, she believes William does not care about his own families welfare.

Shortly after William leaves for his assignment Susannah learns she is carrying her five child. Although a strong spirited woman she just finds herself overwhelmed by her new circumstances. 

It is during this time Raoul Lafontaine, a half-Ojibwa and half-French Canadian finds himself in the mountain area near Susannah ranch.
Raoul is on a quest to find the fair haired white woman in his visions. He is not sure why but he is urged to locate her and feels he must.

Raoul befriends the oldest child Hanna and she in turn brings him home to her mother. He has been observing the harsh situations on the ranch and trades his work for room and board in the barn. Soon Susannah learns her husband has signed on for three years in the Army and becomes quite bitter.

It is an immediate connection felt on the part of Susannah and Raoul that makes you want to never put this book down. A forbidden but pure love. They each find they must fight this magnetic attraction. 

If you enjoy reading about the West this book has it all. I would highly recommend it.

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