Thursday, March 23, 2017

EARLY REVIEW: **I Dared the Duke (The Wayward Wallflowers #2) by Anna Bennett**

I can honestly say that Anna Bennett is on my short list of favorite authors. Her voice speaks to me like a siren song and when I finish one of her books, I am left completely satisfied and with a smile on my face. 

I DARED THE DUKE. the second novel in the Wayward Wallflowers series, begins when Alexander Savage, the scarred Duke of Blackshire, arrives home to discover his beloved grandmother has taken on a young companion, Miss Elizabeth Lacey. Feeling that Elizabeth is unnecessary to his spunky grandmother, Alexander attempts to rid the home of her presence and try to banish his grandmother to the country. Although the duke has his reasons, he doesn't impart that knowledge to Miss Lacey or his grandmother and he and Beth butt heads over leaving London.

Alexander Savage has the dubious distinction of being a phenomenal lover, but the man who was scarred as a child in a fire that claimed the lives of his parents, is so much more than those rumors. Someone is trying to kill him and before danger befalls the woman who nursed him back to health after being badly burned, Alex must find a way to remove her from town.

Elizabeth Lacey is one of THOSE Wayward Wallflowers, a group of odd young ladies who have little hope of snagging a husband of quality. Elizabeth, or Beth as she is called by her friends and family. When the opportunity arises to become a companion to the Dowager Duchess of Blackshire, Beth gladly takes on the roll and flourishes in her roll. The Duchess adores her and her life has meaning until her rogue of a grandson makes an appearance and upends the balance in more ways than one.

When Elizabeth discovers Alex is being singled out for murder, instead of running to the countryside with the Dowager Duchess, she puts up her dukes and proves to all she is so much more than the nickname given to her. Alex is taken aback by this formidable opponent and beyond all self-control, begins to fall for the puzzle named Beth.

I DARED A DUKE is a supremely written tale with action as well as romance. It's one of those stories to be remembered and shared. Anna Bennett had taken her Wallflowers to a new level and I eagerly await for her next tale to be spun.



  1. I like her writing as well and look forward to this second book in her new series. thanks for the review.

  2. Great review, Kim! Can't wait to read this one!