Tuesday, March 14, 2017

** Unexpectedly Hers (Sterling Canyon Book 3) Kindle Edition by Jamie Beck **

Emma Duffy works with her mother running a bed and breakfast in Sterling Canyon. She is quiet and always considered the “good” girl. Using an alias of Alexa Aspen, Emma lets out her inner vixen one night with snowboarder Wyatt Lawson. It was one of the most amazing nights of her life, the sex was amazing. Once Emma returns home, she decides to write a very erotic book loosely based on her one night with Wyatt. 

Wyatt Lawson is trying to make a comeback. He was off the circuit for two years helping his family out after his brother Ryder, also a competitor in winter eXtreme games suffered a crash and now has traumatic brain injury, rents the bed and breakfast to practice for a comeback. A film crew is also there to gather footage for a documentary of the comeback. Wyatt doesn’t recognize Emma.  

There are a lot of dynamics throughout this story; Emma and Wyatt’s blooming relationship, Emma helping Ryder find his new place in society after the accident, both Emma and Wyatt’s stressful relationship with their mothers, the film crew and Emma and her friends Kelsey and Avery and should Emma tell Wyatt about the book or just enjoy the month she has with Wyatt, lastly, what reaction will her mother and the town have if they find out about the erotic book “good” Emma wrote. I found the story a little slow in the beginning, Emma avoiding any real contact with Wyatt and Wyatt wondering why Emma didn’t like him. The story picks up as Emma finds out about the “real” Wyatt and that he is really nothing like the hero in her book. As the story progresses, we see Emma, Wyatt and Ryder realize that it is ok to not have to make everyone happy and that they are entitled to some happiness themselves. Eventually there is the blowout when it is revealed that Emma wrote a book loosely based on her one night with Wyatt. Wyatt leaves the bed and breakfast angry, Emma’s mother is angry, and Avery and Kelsey are proud of her. There is an HEA to this story for all of the characters involved. This is the third book in the series but can be read without reading the first two books. I look forward to other books in this series.


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