Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Perfect Gentleman by Candace Camp

Oh how these second chance romances get me all giddy when they are done right, and trust me, Candace Camp's A PERFECT GENTLEMAN, is done so right. 

Finding out on your wedding day that your new husband has no intention of really having you as a true wife and on top of that, insulting you with snide remarks would assuredly have you running from said husband. Such is the case with American heiress Abigail Price, who had stars in her eyes when she stood at the alter marrying  Graeme Parr, Earl of Montclair, whose family is in dun territory and has need of Abigail's money.  The very young Abigail, eager to get away from under her oppressing father's thumb was all too willing to start her new life with her handsome new husband when Greame's words cut her to the core and have her flee back to America.

Saved by his wife's money, Graeme continues on his merry may, basking in the almost single life for a few years, until word reaches him that his wife has returned to English shores. Now it SEEMS that the earl has been enjoying his continued bachelorhood, but that's the fun of it, has he really enjoyed it? 

Abigail Parr is not the same girl who ran away from her husband. This grown up Abigail Parr is a force to be reckoned with and her husband, the earl, had better stand up, or get out of the way. Oh, and there is so much more to the tale that Graeme needed to save his family from debt. As the reader delves into the story the plot thickens with deceit as well as greed. Now years later, it's like Abigail and Graeme actually see each other for the first time, but will all that will be discovered be for the best? Read this book to find out, silly! 


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