Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Guest Review: No Getting Over a Cowboy (Wrangler's Creek #2) by Delores Fossen

Delores Fossen does it again with No Getting Over A Cowboy, book #2 in her Wrangler's Creek series! Ropes you in from the very beginning of this story! What a hysterical beginning to a super fun read. I have never laughed so hard at the beginning of a story before.

We met our hero Garrett Granger in book #1 of the series, Those Texas Nights, but his opening scene in this book happens when he drives up to the Granger Ranch property and sees lots of activity around an old derelict house built by his great-grandfather approximately 100 years ago but hasn't been occupied for many years. The author's description of this ancestral home, Z. T. Granger House starts the laughter ball rolling with her description of Garrett's reaction to many women swarming the house and property and a little girl "poking at that cow shit with a stick" with this, "Garret had always thought of the place as more of an ancestral eyesore than an actual house. But hell in a big-ass handbasket, it was his eyesore. Or rather his family's." It seems our heroine, Nicky Marlow, recent widow and single mother, has rented the dilapidated house for a year to use as a widows' retreat. Uh Oh! Not if Garrett can stop it!

As we read further we discover that Nicky has many secrets she wants to keep from everyone, especially Garret who, by the way, just happened to have deflowered her in this very house 17 years previously. And as you can guess Nicky's secrets become exposed one after another as she and Garrett find they can't resist their attraction to each other. Add in Nicky's super cute daughter who will win your heart and lots of new and returning lovable characters to enhance the storyline.

You'll want to read this story filled with great characters,a super storyline and lots of action and fun.


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  1. Great review! I just picked this book up & hope to read them both soon.