Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Place at Our Table (An Amish Homestead Novel) by Amy Clipston

Young Amish woman, Kayla Dienner  has already lost one family member to tragedy, she doesn't want anything to happen to her younger brother,Nathan , who is all about becoming a firefighter after he meets part time firefighter, Jamie Riehl. 

Kayla meets Amish firefighter, Jamie Riehl when he responds to a fire on the Dienner's property. Jamie was acquainted with the elder Dienner brother who perished in a fire the year before and when the younger Dienner, Nathan, shows an interest, he is glad to help in any way he can. Meeting Kayla also sparks an interest which Jamie has never had before, but knowing that Kayla is so against having Nathan go into firefighting, makes Jamie pause.

Jamie and Kayla begin a friendship and a courtship of sorts but both have reservations which can make or break their relationship.  It seems to Kayla, that she cares more for whatever the two have together since Jamie misses dates with her. When a heartbreaking tragedy strikes Jamie's family, he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders doubt that he can ever be what Kayla needs.

Can two people who obviously care so much for each other overcome the obstacles blocking their paths? Can both Kayla and Jamie set aside their sadness and look to a future with one another? All these questions and more are answered in Amy Clipston's A PLACE AT OUR TABLE.

Having only started reading Amish romance novels the past year or so, I have quickly fallen in love with Amy Clipston's stories subject matters and the people she so eloquently describes. This story in particular hits home for me because I have a son who is a volunteer firefighter who wants to make a career of it in the FDNY. Kayla's feelings for her brother Nathan mimic this reader's and add to the appeal. I enjoyed learning about the Dienner family and the Riehl family and I hope to reading more about them in the future. 


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