Monday, October 30, 2017

BOOK OBSESSED CHICKS EARLY REVIEW ** The Heart of an Agent (The Adirondack Pinkertons #2) by Tracey J. Lyons

Lily Handland had no one for so long . The former Pinkerton agent who wants more than being undercover and without roots, hands in her resignation and seeks out a purpose.  In the New York Adirondack Mountain region, a town called Heartston draws Lily into laying down some roots and using the monies earned from her hard-living as a Pinkerton agent, for some business purpose. When the local banker suggests she partner with the widowed owner of  Great Camp, a resort of sorts which has fallen into disrepair, Lily sees promise when she see the hidden beauty herself. Having the owner, Owen Murphy agree to the partnership is going to take a bit of convincing.

Owen Murphy lost his zest for living when his beloved wife passed away two years ago. Still in deep mourning, the Great Camp is falling apart and he's neither noticing nor caring. Even his loyal caretakers, Mr. and Mrs. Cuddieback are at their wits end watching their employer/friend, remain in self-imposed limbo. When the feisty Lily Handland appears to save the day, Owen resists at first, but slowly returns to the land of the living with each task and idea Miss Hamdland sets before him.

Never having been in love before, Lily quickly falls for the brooding Owen Murphy, but knowing Owen's late wife was nearly perfect, and the fact that Lily was a Pinkerton agent who held may secrets, gives the young lady pause in finding true happiness. Keeping her past a secret may be the downfall of the life she is yearning to grasp onto, but what can she do? Read, The Heart Of An Agent by the wonderful author Tracey Lyons to find out!

The Heart Of An Agent is the follow up to A Changed Agent, and what a follow up it is. Tracey J.  Lyons brings the reader full force into the beauty of the Adirondack Mountain region and shares its breathtaking views, as well as a tender story to tug at the heart-strings. Ms. Lyons brings the reader to a region little read about in historical romance and what a fresh insight it is. The emotions brought forth by the widower and the former agent gave this reader a roller coaster of a ride. The Heart Of An Agent is a recommended read for those who love second chances. Bravo Tracey J. Lyons, you have a new forever fan.

~ Kimberly ~

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