Sunday, October 8, 2017

Falling for a Cowboys smile by Katie Lane.  
The fourth book in the Tender Heart Series and it is still quite a good read. I enjoy quite a lot of the books by Katie Lane and yet this one seemed different from any of the others that I have read by her. 
This book did pull me in, but it did not seem to hold my attention as well as the others I have read. That is not because of the author, I did not read the second or third book in this series which made this one a little confusing. However, even though I may not have understood everything fully it was still a great read. 
This one is all about Gracie Lynn Arrington. I have adored Gracie from the beginning of this series and this book managed to show me how strong she truly is. Throughout this book you are able to see how Gracie changes to better fit what is happening around her and we get to see her grow a backbone (that's a lot funnier and truthful if you read the series ). Gracie loves and loves hard, when she trusts you don't break that trust or you are liable to break her. So when she realizes that Dirk is hiding his past she is confused but willing to believe in him. Until he breaks her heart.

Dirk Hadley is working hard to keep the people of Bliss from finding out who he truly is. Especially Gracie because he doesn't want her to hate him. But now that his mission is coming to a close he is trying to get her to forget about her silly crush on him. Even though it means breaking her heart and hurting her a little it is better for her to hate him for a little while then to have to explain his true purpose being in Bliss. Dirk was great, he may be a master at keeping secrets but he is even better at keeping his emotions from himself. 
This book was great, with the amount of secrets and changes that these two character go through I never thought the book would finish, and not in a bad way. This was yet another great story by Ms. Lane and I cannot wait to see how the mystery of the final book is solved. 


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