Friday, October 6, 2017

The Scandalous Flirt by Olivia Drake
Aurora Paxton was one of the most popular débutantes during her come out season. Unfortunately, she found herself in a compromising position with an Italian Ambassador. Although, nothing truly happened she way banished from her home and sent away for years to live in a remote area with an eccentric aunt.
It is when Lady Milford comes to call and asks Aurora to return home with her as her step mother needs her help. Aurora has no desire to return to her step mother who treated her so cruelly during her banishment. Lady Milford works her way with Aurora and gives her a pair of special shoes to wear.
Upon her return Rory learns her step mother is being black mailed. She had love letters stolen from her and needs them returned because of scandal it would create for her and Rory sister Celeste who is planning a marriage to a Duke. The shock of her step mother having a love affair behind her father's back was quite unsettling.
Rory takes a position as a lady companion for Lucas Vale's, the Marquess of Dashall, mother. Both Lady Milford and her stepmother believe it is Lucas who stole the letters. The love letters were from Lucas's father to Rory's stepmother.
To continue on with this story would only spoil it for the reader. I really enjoyed the charming romance and mystery in this narrative. I would recommend it as a light read. 


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