Monday, June 18, 2018

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

When did it become acceptable for authors to publicly tear anther author’s vision apart? What happened to this wonderful genre of writers and readers that supported one another and built each other up?

Lately it seems all I see is controversy and criticism. Honestly, it seems like a bad episode of mean girls and it really need to stop.

Book Obsessed Chicks came into being in 2008 in order to praise my love for books, especially romance. Even though I was an avid reader, as a child and swallowed up any book in the horror genre, it wasn’t until 2008 that I discovered the romance genre with Paranormal Romance. In subsequent years, I have gone on to find my niche in Historical Romance and once that was discovered, that is where I like to be. I just adore the settings in Regency England, or in the Highlands of Scotland. The dress, the dialects, the titles of the heroes and heroines draws me in and makes my heart happy. 

Even though I am a lover of history and excelled at that in school, reading biographies of people like Queen Victoria or subjects ranging from the French Revolution to the American Civil War, I never pick up a historical romance to see if the details are historically accurate. What is paramount to me? A great story that is well written and entertaining; a story that stays with me long after I have put the book down or turned off my eReader. That is what truly matters to a reader of romance.
That being said, readers have noticed on social media that some authors feel the need to bring up inaccuracies in other authors’ writing and then tear the book apart as well as demean the author. This message, in particular, is geared to those authors. This needs to stop. When I read or hear about this going on, I do a little research to see if it actually happened, and then I delete the offender. Trust me, I have stopped reading many authors due to their rants and bullying practices on social media and I will continue to do so. For every “mean girl” author, there are two wonderful authors just waiting to be discovered on the fringes. I am just really curious as to the motivation behind these commentaries. Does it make them feel superior? Guess what? To the true romance lover, it’s a real turn-off. You don’t look superior, you look like an elitist and most romance readers will just say bye-bye.

One of the main points I always try to get across to my book club member is that there is room for everyone in the romance world, but there is no room for professional jealousy or the mean girl mentality. I will always promote what I love, but if I see injustice the likes I have recently seen, I will call it out as well.

Let’s stop the madness by letting these authors know that they will not deter the reader from enjoying a well written historical romance because they have ripped it apart with their opinions. We will however remember who ripped it apart and avoid that author.  Down with the mean girl mentality!



  1. Kim, I am a professional author and while I may not be perfect, lol, I do try to support my fellow authors in a professional manner. Social Media hasn't done us any favors over the past few years. I totally agree, if I see meanness coming from someone, I head the other direction. And I won't promote someone who is acting less that professional. Life is too short, and I've learned in my loooonngg life, that what goes around, comes around and Karma really is the biggest mean girl out there.

  2. When I first became a member of the romance writing community one of the things I loved most about it was the way everyone supported everyone else. Maybe I was in a bubble ( the Los Angeles Romance Authors) but I didn't see the petty jealousy, the snide comments, the backstabbing and undercutting. It might have been there, but it didn't touch me. In fact, when I did come face-to-face with that type of behavior it threw me off-balance. Who were these people and what were they doing in my safe little world? I used to be more open and trusting of other authors in my genre but have since learned to keep to myself. It's a shame. I miss the feeling of being in this together and have whittled my trusted author friend list down to a handful. As Tracey said, life is too short to surround myself with mean people. I miss the days when romance stood for happily-ever-after for our characters,our readers, and ourselves. Thanks for being a true friend of the genre and for supporting the authors who put their heart and soul into every story.

  3. Well said, Roz. You echoe my sentiments, exactly. I loved those early days of supportive authors. I, too, have a small, trusted group of authors I can count on. Mean girl tactics turn me off. I prefer to maintain a positive attitude, and ignore the meanies.

  4. Well said, Kimberly! And thank you!

  5. I follow your blog, but I've never commented before. But this has got me pissed because I'm in the closed group where the author your criticizing posted that the didn't like a book because it wasn't accurate. Well, that group is all about historical accuracy, and the two other authors that joined the group just to make a firestorm caused the problems. You aren't talking about everyone getting along. You're unjustly picking on an author who won't defend herself. She didn't take anyone apart, and no one could have even guessed which book it was. Not only that, but I see on her facebook pages that she does support other authors. You owe her an apology.