Monday, May 4, 2020

EARLY REVIEW: A Dark and Stormy Knight by Kerrigan Byrne

I want to begin this review by saying that Kerrigan Byrne is a talented genius and her writing fills my heart. I have honestly been waiting for Carlton Morley’s story for years and now it’s finally here and I am just so darn happy about it. I also have to say that Kerrigan Byrne’s publisher has really dropped the ball on this particular book being directly in their Victorian Rebels series. Sir Carlton Morley has always deserved his own story. He has been an integral part of the menagerie with the dark secrets that needed to come to light.    So I say a big bravo to Kerrigan Byrne for going ahead with A Dark and Stormy Knight, Morley’s story. Thank you for making me a happy reader!

The right proper and upstanding Chief Inspector Carlton Morley is after the killer of male prostitutes plaguing London. All of his spare time I spent in the roaming the dark and dangerous streets seeking clues in his task. A loner, Morley stalks those streets with an urgency only a few could possibly understand. 

 After the emotional let down of discovering that her fiancĂ© is an unfaithful rogue, Penelope Goode decides to take one night of passion for herself before being thrown into the constraints of marriage to the unscrupulous lout. She wants to give her virginity to a man of her own choosing. To achieve this, she finds herself at Miss Henrietta's School for Cultured Young Ladies, where she was given a password to gain entrance into the garden of pleasures that awaits her.

Chief Inspector Morley, in disguise, is lead to Miss Henrietta's School for Cultured Young Ladies with his own agenda of crime stopping, but when a  stunning young woman literally stumbles over him, sparks fly and both of their worlds will be forever changed.

I prefer to stop here with my details of this story. This tale must be experienced individually and I strongly insist that you do. The anticipation of Carlton Morley finally meeting his match is pure exhilaration. Kerrigan Byrne uses her masterful understanding of the English language to spellbind her readers, and the reader is only too happy to be put under her spell. A Dark and Stormy Knight by Kerrigan Byrne is so worth the wait! 


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