Friday, May 15, 2020

To Hold a Lady’s Secret by Christi Caldwell

The mistake that Lady Gillian Farendale made by attending a notorious masquerade, has finally caught up with her. Now her unfeeling parents want her to make things right, but doing that would destroy her spirit.

Gillian seeks out her childhood best friend, Colin Lockhart, one if the numerous  bastard sons of the Duke of Ravenscourt, for help. She is praying that the promise they made as children would finally be able to be fulfilled. When Colin, now a struggling private investigator in London is reunited with Gillian, things don’t exactly work out how Gillian thought they would and she is disheartened as well as desperate. 

As soon as Colin sends Gillian away, he regrets it. His past with her comes rushing back and he realizes that she still means more to him than is prudent for a Lady and a bastard.  Her desperation brings him to action and neither of their lives will ever be the same. 

Lady Gillian Farendale is one of my favorite of author Christi Caldwell’s heroines. She is matter of fact, she doesn’t blame anyone for her actions and take complete responsibility for decisions she has made, good or bad.  Despite the crime that was committed against her, she is strong and resilient and deserving of a bright future with a caring man. The one man she has been on her mind since she was a young girl getting into mischief, Colin Lockhart 

Colin Lockhart has been on his own since his banishment from the Farendale lands, caring for his sister and mother. Discovered on the streets by a brother, another bastard son, Colin picks himself up and sets out to create a new life for himself as a private investigator. He is consumed with his business and until Gillian reappears in his life, he is rather solitary in his existence, keeping a small circle of a few of the brothers and his beloved sister. He is considered to be common if not below that for being a bastard, but has more integrity, compassion and honor than any man in the ton. 

To Hold a Lady’s Secret is one of my favorite Christi Caldwell books to date. While some of the subject matter is not an easy one, the story is superb and getting to that prefect ending is just a marvel. This story is meaningful and compassionate and will stay with me for quite a while. Bravo Ms. Caldwell…


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