Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Wild Highlander by Vonda Sinclair

In My Wild Highlander by Vonda Sinclair, we find the handsome but philandering Lachlan MacGrath, younger brother of Laird Alasdair MacGrath has found himself in a rather odd position. He finds himself engaged to be married, something he never ever foresaw would ever happen to him. The Lady Angelique Drummagan, a half Scottish half French beauty fights tooth and nail not to be married off to Lachlan, to no avail.

With marriage to The Lady Angelique comes title as Laird and lands but danger as well for there are many against the new Laird and his new wife when they arrive at Draughon Castle. Other things conspire to make the quick marriage of Lachlan and Angelique difficult, most importantly Angelique's mistrust of him and her belief that he will only be unfaithful to her even after he has sworn he would be faithful. The people of Draughon  Castle aren't thrilled to have Lachlan as their Laird and make their feelings known. Will Lachlan gain the respect of Angelique's people? Will he chip away and her cool exterior and find out all her secrets and find his way into her heart?

My Wild Highlander is yet another amazing and action filled story in Vonda Sinclair's highlander series. The reader is drawn in from the first sentence and I guarantee you won't be able to put the book down until the final word. I very much enjoy Ms. Sinclair's writing and I think you will as well. Thank you Vonda Sinclair for the sleepless nights I had reading your books, and please hurry with the next one.. I am a very impatient reader!


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

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