Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tumbleweeds by Chastity Bush

A Review by Guest Blogger Margaret Whelehan 

            This is a little different from the other books I have read so far. In the beginning, our main female and male characters met under odd circumstances. He was trying to break up a fight and she was trying to start one. They seem to be an extremely odd pair.
            Berry has grown up in a house under the care of a madam and her girls since her parents died. She has come to know how men act and does not want any part of it. She has decided to be single for as long as she lives.
            Tavis is our town sheriff. He is the type of person who knows what he wants. He wants to settle down and have a family. He is the type of man that we all want to have; the loving and trusting type. It will be interesting to find out who he sets his eyes on to be his wife.
             Berry is always up front with them and her feelings about marriage. Lily wants her to get married and move out of the whorehouse. Tavis wants her for himself. Berry tells everyone that she is happy the way she is and does not need to be married. I am wondering who will change Berry’s mind. To help try to convince Berry that she needs to get married Lily sets her up with the single men in the town. Berry, uses her up front and honest attitude, and tells them that she will never get married. I am wondering how Tavis will try to convince her that marriage is not what she thinks it is.
            After the first time Tavis and Berry made love, I was actually worried that instead of their relationship taking a step forward, it actually remained the same. A walk in the morning for errands in town and a picnic at night while making love under the stars. There are times while I am reading this that I actually want to be in Berry’s and Tavis’s time. I want things to be as simple as they have it.
            Finally, halfway through the book, Berry had a light bulb moment. She is finally starting to realize that Tavis might actually be a good man. With the help of her friend Mrs. Elm, some sense was knocked into her. What is still frustrating is that she still does not think that he will be faithful to her if they were to be married. I am wondering how Tavis will convince Berry that she is the only one he wants for the rest of her life.
            There is nothing like a good kidnapping. It is always interesting when someone from the past shows up to interrupt the present. I feel sorry for Berry because she was the one kidnapped and for the last thing that she saw. She probably thinks that she is going to die because no one will come for her. No one has followed her and they have no clue where she is being brought to.
            I cannot believe who came to Berry’s rescue. That group was the last group of people that I expected to show up and save her. But I shouldn’t have been surprised because this specific group would do anything for the people they consider family.
            After Berry was rescued, there was finally a wedding. And of course, as the song goes, first comes love then comes babies in a baby carriage. It was the perfect ending to an extremely good read. 


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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book! :)