Friday, February 22, 2013

GUEST REVIEW by Lisa Marie ~ BEAUTIFUL BASTARD by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren (2 women conducting this masterpiece) originated as a FanFic of Twilight, and being a full on, card carrying member, out and proud Twi-hard I was all over this book. Now anyone who has read the Twilight Saga knows that it was written for Young Adults, and much like Harry Potter, it is enjoyed by people of all ages. But on a scale from the Hallmark Channel to Skinomax, it still falls in the "can show it before the kids go to bed" category. The story originated on an online fan fiction web site under the title "The Office" and was a whole new take on the "what if Edward and Bella were human" love story.
Chloe Mills is an intern at a very large marketing firm, months away from completing her Masters Degree. All she has to do it tough it out for just a little while longer, and then she can get away from her "beautiful" bastard of a boss, all the while fighting her growing desire to get him alone, naked, and under her thumb for once. Bennett Ryan, aforementioned bastard, has been fighting his attraction to Chloe since the first day he met her. These two never stop arguing throughout the whole book and that is just how passionate their relationship is. Now Bennett is a notorious he-whore and has never found anyone he has wanted to open his hear to, and Chole has never been the kind of girl to have any type of casual fling. The inner conflict going on between these two is so angsty that you just want to reach in the book and yell SNAP OUT OF IT! The chapters alternate between the two while continually telling the story so I felt like I got the "his, hers and truth" side of everything.
If you are looking for a sexy (you will never look at your panties the same way again), romantic, angsty, laugh out loud funny book, then ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner! You will truly enjoy this book and I am looking forward to their next work, "Beautiful Stranger". Hopefully we get to see the brother find his own happily ever after.


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